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MBP Pro Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane

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  • Craftsman Canlon | Serving Logan’s Project in Lingang of Shangai, Canlon Won The Title Of "Excellent Partner"

    Recently, the Logan 10-2 plot of project in Lingang of Shanghai supplied by Canlon with waterproof materials and constructed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Canlon Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the project department of Logan Real Estate, and CANLON was awarded the title of "Excellent Partner".

  • Focus Canlon | This Key Tunnel Project With a Waterproof System Built By Canlon Is About To Open To Traffic!

    Entering the last quarter of 2022,all key projects have also entered the sprint stage. The Jinji Lake Tunnel, which is waterproofed by Canlon,has also ushered in the latest progress recently.

  • Progressive CANLON | Integration Paved the Road to Revival, Canlon Accompanying the High-speed Railway--Part 1

    Recently, an article titled "Integration Paved the Road to Revival, Karen Accompanying the High-speed Railway" was released by Flush Finance, focusing on the high-speed rail infrastructure sector, in-depth analysis of Canlon's strategic layout, and attracted widespread attention from the industry media and the capital market. Canlon reprinted this article for the first time to show you how the power of "integration" promotes China's high-speed rail to run out of "acceleration"

  • Excellent CANLON | MBP Easily Cope with The Stringent Requirements of Underground Waterproofing Projects--Part 2

    Excellent CANLON | MBP Easily Cope with The Stringent Requirements of Underground Waterproofing Projects--Part 2 Which projects are more inclined to choose MBP?Difficult construction environments often have higher requirements for suppliers' materials and installation.

  • Craftsman CANLON | A "Natural Pair" With Membrane - WBR320 Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Coating

    At present, the common application of engineering coating volume composite system, coil waterproofing layer more modified bitumen class (such as: SBS coil, asphalt-based self-adhesive roll-roofing, etc.), coating waterproofing layer more hot melt type (such as: non-curing coating).

  • Progressive Canlon | Winning The Bid For Newly Built Jining Via Datong To Yuanping Passenger Dedicated Line

    Recently, according to the National Public Resource Trading Platform, for the new Jining via Datong to Yuanping Passenger Dedicated Line, the bidding candidates for waterproof coatings and waterproof membranes have been announced.

  • Benchmark CANLON | Upgrading from traditional roofing - CANLON CSPV helps Canny Elevator to build a new PV roof

    Founded in 1997, Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern professional lift enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, engineering and service.

  • Technical CANLON | Breathable Drainage System: SDR Sponge City Siphon Drainage Collection Systems

    In order to solve the problem of poor drainage and leakage in underground garage roof slabs after planting vegetation, to solve urban waterlogging, to realise water storage in urban areas, to reduce surface runoff and flood levels during extremely heavy rainstorms, and to avoid the phenomenon of "se

  • Demonstration projects, innovative technology--Two of CANLON's Products Receive Prestigious Awards from Shanghai Construction Association

    On 7 January 2021, the fourth meeting of the fourth council and the fifth chairman's meeting of the Shanghai Construction Association was held at Shanghai Huasheng Building. CANLON’stwo products won awards: MBP-P pre-applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane was rated 2020 "demonstration projects, innovative technology" Achievement Award; LIKFIX anti-sagging polyurethane waterproofing coating was rated 2020 "demonstration projects, innovative technology " Winning Award.

  • CANLON's three roofing products pass root resistance test

    CANLON’s three roofing products pass root resistance test The world's green roofs has a history of 4000 years. From the ancient castles and temples of the lower Euphrates to the sky gardens of the Babylonian kingdoms, from the ancient city walls of Nanjing in the Ming Dynasty and the ancient Great

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