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Focus Canlon | This Key Tunnel Project With a Waterproof System Built By Canlon Is About To Open To Traffic!

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Entering the last quarter of 2022,

all key projects have also entered the sprint stage

The Jinji Lake Tunnel,

which is waterproofed by Canlon,

has also ushered in the latest progress recently,

     The day to meet you is getting closer and closer.

According to media reports, as a key urban construction and transportation project this year, the main project of the Jinji Lake Tunnel has now been capped across the board, and workers are installing the steel structure light transition at the entrance of the tunnel.

It is known that white decorative panels will be applied in the later stage of the project to make the transition between sunlight and light to ensure the safety of driving. In addition, there will be the installation of fire-proof doors, electromechanical fire protection equipment, communication equipment, fan equipment, etc. The interior of the tunnel has entered the stage of decoration. 

The tunnel is constructed by China Railway Group. The total length of the project is 6.04 kilometers,with the main line about 5.4 kilometers long, and the total investment is about 6.02 billion yuan. Canlon’s MBP polymer pre applied waterproofing membrane was selected to build the tunnel through the lake. It is the first ultra-long cut-and-cover tunnel across the 5A-level lake scenic spot in China that the ordinary bus route and the light rail route are jointly constructed in one project.

As the most representative tunnel waterproofing project completed by Canlon, the opening of the Jinji Lake Tunnel will greatly ease and divert the traffic flow of Modern Avenue, Jinji Lake Avenue and Dushu Lake Avenue. It is of great significance to improve the infrastructure construction of the Jinji Lake Financial and Trade Zone in Suzhou City, and to accelerate the matching with the secondary business center of the Yangtze River Delta.

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