With advanced research and developing technology of Polyurethane, we provide solvent-free products to help our clients accomplishing their floor projects. Business range covers wear resistant floors, chemical resistant floors, fire resistant floors and slip resistant floors, etc.

>> Polyurethane flooring system

CANLON flooring solutions can be chosen for workshops, warehouses, parking lots as well as decorative floors.

Polyurethane flooring system

Kyseal E-121 Flooring Primer
Kyseal E-121 is a two-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin which has low viscosity and easily permeating & adhering to substrate. Mainly used for concrete substrate reinforcement and defection treatment such as holes filling& crack repair.

>> Kyseal E-121 Flooring Primer

Polyurethane flooring system

Kyflex 321 Flooring Mid Coat
Kyflex 321 is a two-component, solvent-free, self-leveling polyurethane flooring material. After install the liquid can solidify instantly to provide superior chemical resistance and good low temperature flexibility. Kyflex 321 is available to be reinforced by aggregate and suitable for most of the floor systems as floating coat.

>> Kyflex 321 Flooring Mid Coat

Polyurethane flooring system

Kysuny 441 Flooring Top Coat
Kysuny 441 is a three-component, high solid content polyurethane with excellent weather and chemical resistance. As a topcoat material of the system, Kysuny 441 can provide amazing wear resistant property under low dosage.

>> Kysuny 441 Flooring Top Coat

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