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Who We Are

CANLON is the first listed company of GEM stock in the China waterproofing market, with 7 manufacturing plants. We have pioneered development, manufacturing, marketing and construction service of high-performance polymer waterproofing & roofing materials through advanced R&D as well as engineering expertise.
Our industry-leading portfolio of products ranges over MBP/ MBP Pro/ Forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane, PVC/ TPO roofing membrane, MPU/ Likfix waterproofing coating, MBA-CL/ MBA-S post-applied waterproofing membrane and so on. Also centering on these core products we support the provision of full set of waterproofing auxiliary materials and application tools.
By matching world’s most rigorous standards and obtaining CE, RADON, REACH, LARR (ASTM Standards), BBA ,FM, ISO certification, we have our presence in over 60 countries & regions, and signed group purchasing agreements with more than 20 global top real estate enterprises including VANKE, EVERGRANDE, COUNTRY GARDEN, GREENLAND, etc. 
CANLON offers trusted waterproofing solutions for customers, to distinguish ourselves in specialist projects such as high-speed railway, subway construction, utility tunnels, airports, nuclear power plants and so on. And signed supply agreements with below China top groups:
Currently we have three production bases & three more in progress:
Hubei Huanggang Plant 
Sichuan Nanchong Plant 
Suzhou Polymer Industrial Park

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