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MPU Waterproofing Coating

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General Description

CANLON brand MPU is a one component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating made out of the main materials of isocyanate and polyether polyol, together with various auxiliaries and fillers. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, great construction performance and good corrosion resistance. MPU Waterproofing Coating can be applied to basement,deck, bathroom, balcony, pool, parking lot and non-exposed roof waterproofing engineering.

底板 MPU 防水 (白底)_副本MPU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating


  • Waterproofing to building's roofs, exterior walls, basements,balconies, kitchen and washrooms;

  • Waterproofing to special constructions such as granary, civil defense projects and bridges;

  • Exposed color steel roof retrofit.


  • Environmental friendly, the Solvent-free type can be applied to drinking water tank.­

  • Spray application shall greatly elevate the construction efficiency, while atomization effect can fill the minor defects of the substrate to avoid air bubbles, delivering better waterproof performance .

  • CAS waterborne epoxy resin can be coated on the substrate thinly to improve the bonding strength of polyurethane coating and substrate even in the case of surface being wet or not clean. 

  • Strong deformation resistance avoids the phenomenon of the waterproof layer being pulled apart instantly due to the structural crack.

  • Excellent vapor barrier performance,free from common quality problems such as yellowing and mildew.

  • Reliable bonding for subsequent construction, pat some dry,medium or fine sand onto the surface of last uncured coat before pasting ceramic tile or plastering.


Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be clean, smooth, free from floating dust and pond/standing water.

Coating mixing: mix the liquid evenly using mechanical blender.

Brush the MPU Waterproof Coating onto substrate using rubberized scrapers; ensure the cured membranes to be equal in thickness.

Generally, two or three coats are required; each coat thickness shall be less than 0.7mm. After the first coat become dry, then the second one can proceed, the previous and next coats must be perpendicular until total thickness reaches required one.

When vertical application is executed, spray some fine sand onto the surface of last coat(within 12hours before curing) to keep the reliable adhesion between waterproofing membrane and subsequent plastering layer.

Technical Data Sheet

No. Property                                                   Value
Solvent-based Solvent-free
1 Solid Content/ % ≥95 ≥97
2 Tack Free Time/(hour) ≤8 ≤8
3 Full Drying Time/(hour) ≤20 ≤20
4 Tensile Strength/(Mpa) ≥2.00 ≥2.00
5 Elongation/ % ≥500 ≥500
6 Tearing Strength/(N/mm) ≥15 ≥15
7 Low Temperature Flexibility No crack at -35°C (-31°F) No crack at -35°C (-31°F)
8 Water-tightness Watertight,(0.3Mpa, 120min) Watertight,(0.3Mpa, 120min)
9 Bonding Strength/(Mpa) ≥1.0 ≥1.0
10 Water Absorption Rate/ (%) ≤5.0 ≤5.0

Remark: All the test items according to China Standard GB/T19250-2013.

MPU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating CE MarkMPU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Reach Mark


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