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Craftsman CANLON | A "Natural Pair" With Membrane - WBR320 Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Coating

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At present, the waterproof layer of the membrane in the common coating&membrane composite system in engineering applications is mostly modified asphalt (such as: SBS membrane, asphalt-based self-adhesive membrane, etc.), and the waterproof layer of the coating is mostly hot-melt type (such as: non- cured coatings). During application, it is often accompanied by high temperature heating and the use of open flames, which has a large safety hazard. At the same time, during vertical application, due to the lack of anti-sag and anti-slip properties of the coating waterproof layer, the coating often flows, accumulates, thin on top and thick on the bottom, and the membrane often has quality defects such as falling and slipping.

In response to the above problems, Canlon's WBR320 polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating can effectively solve the problem. As a new type of green and environmentally friendly waterproof coating, it is non-toxic and harmless. It does not need to be heated during installation, does not use open flames, and does not delay combustion. It is very suitable for waterproofing projects in chemical plants, power plants, oil refineries and other projects.


WBR320 polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating is a high-performance water-based waterproof coating prepared with emulsified asphalt as the main raw material, various polymer emulsions as modifiers, and other special additives.It has the advantages of strong adhesion after curing, high elongation, aging resistance and sag resistance, and is a high-quality product that is very suitable for coating&membrane composite systems. It is advisable to use mechanized spraying application, which is simple, quick, safe and environmentally friendly.

Product advantages:

1. Anti-sagging during vertical application. The coating has excellent anti-sagging properties, does not sag after a single pass application to 1.0mm, and the number of passes required to achieve the designed thickness is small, resulting in high efficiency, less labour and low overall costs.



2.High bonding strength between coating and substrate, also coating and membrane.

Test of peeling   strength of WBR320 and several kinds of membrane

Type of Membrane

Application Method

Maintenance Timeday

Average Peeling StrengthN/mm)

WBR320(H)+SBS Membrane

Hot Melt




Bitumen Membrane




3. High elongation, can effectively resist the cracking and deformation caused by the stress of the grassroots.

4. It can be applied on wet substrate.



5. Water-based product, does not contain toxic and harmful volatile substances, safe and environmental friendly.


Basement side wall, foundation deck, roof and post-applied waterproof part of Industrial and civil buildings. For example: chemical plants, power plants, oil refineries, petroleum depots, textile factories, etc.



Advocating the integration of waterproofing systems and speaking with new and innovative products. As a manufacturer with outstanding R&D and innovation capabilities in the construction waterproofing industry, each product launch has undergone meticulous research and comprehensive experimental testing. WBR320, while meeting the performance of general non-curing waterproofing coatings, has a number of highlights such as water-based environmental protection, vertical anti-slip, mechanical construction, etc. It is sure to become a new favorite in the current energy-saving and environmental protection strength of the construction industry!


CANLON's success cannot be achieved without your support. Through the above introduction, we hope you can have a further understanding of our company. We also produce polyurethane waterproof coating, HDPE pre-applied waterproof membrane, PVC/TPO roofing membrane and other different types of waterproof materials.

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