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MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane

A list of these MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Craftsman CANLON | A "Natural Pair" With Membrane - WBR320 Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Coating
    At present, the common application of engineering coating volume composite system, coil waterproofing layer more modified bitumen class (such as: SBS coil, asphalt-based self-adhesive roll-roofing, etc.), coating waterproofing layer more hot melt type (such as: non-curing coating).
  • Progressive Canlon | Winning The Bid For Newly Built Jining Via Datong To Yuanping Passenger Dedicated Line
    Recently, according to the National Public Resource Trading Platform, for the new Jining via Datong to Yuanping Passenger Dedicated Line, the bidding candidates for waterproof coatings and waterproof membranes have been announced.
  • Canlon MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane construction process
    Do you want to know what is the dry laid application process of MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane? Next, we will show you application process.
  • MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane
    Canlon MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane (hereinafter referred to as MBA-CL waterproof membrane) is composed of high-performance cross-laminated strong film and self-adhesive compound. It is a kind of tensile force, elongation and Tireless self-adhesive waterproof membrane with excellent properties such as nail bar tear strength. If there are a large number of nails penetrating the waterproof layer in the project, the two most obvious advantages of the coiled material are its unique self-healing property and good nail rod watertightness.
  • Want to know the construction of MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane?
    How is the MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane constructed in winter? How to protect the finished MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane? What about transportation and storage? This article takes you to understand these three items about the product.
  • Canlon MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane construction process
    MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane is premium waterproofing membrane composed of high performance cross laminated HDPE surface film, special rubberized asphalt and backed release paper to maintain adhesive quality. However do you know the installation details of Canlon’s MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane? Here we will let you know our construction process.

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