MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane
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MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane

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Canlon MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane (hereinafter referred to as MBA-CL waterproof membrane) is composed of high-performance cross-laminated strong film and self-adhesive compound. It is a kind of tensile force, elongation and Tireless self-adhesive waterproof membrane with excellent properties such as nail bar tear strength. If there are a large number of nails penetrating the waterproof layer in the project, the two most obvious advantages of the coiled material are its unique self-healing property and good nail rod watertightness.


This article includes 3 parts

  • Product Features

  • Solve construction problems

  • Scope of application


MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane Features

1. High tear strength of nail rod

The surface material is a cross-laminated film, and the film in the crosswise and vertical directions has the effect of covering the nail, and the force is consistent in all directions, the nail hole is not easy to be torn, and the tear strength is more than 2 times that of the PET film.

2. Excellent water tightness of jack

The self-adhesive of the coiled material has very good creep performance, and has a strong gripping force on nails and other fixing parts, which can effectively avoid the leakage of the nail hole.

3. Good dimensional stability, not easy to wrinkle

The cross-laminated film of the surface material adopts a high-elasticity and high-strength PE film made by a cross-lamination multi-layer lamination process.

4. Excellent impact resistance, puncture resistance

The cross-laminated film on the surface of the coiled material has excellent impact resistance and puncture resistance, which effectively reduces the probability of material damage and is beneficial to the protection of subsequent finished products.


MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane solve construction problems

1.Solve the problem of long construction period of traditional waterproof materials

The unique wet paving technology can greatly save the construction period. It can be applied even if the base surface is wet or even without leveling. No primer is required. The construction has a high degree of freedom and is not affected by the weather. During the rainy season, the advantages are more prominent, which is the most powerful guarantee for the construction period. "Weapon".

2. Solve the problems of unreliable adhesion of traditional waterproof materials and difficult maintenance

The coil material can be effectively integrated with the structural concrete. If any local damage occurs to the coil material, the water will be limited to a small range and will not flow. Even if individual leakage occurs, the leakage point will be the same as the destruction point, which is very easy to repair.

3. Solve the problem of high difficulty in construction work of traditional waterproof materials

The construction of the coiled material can adopt wet or dry laying technology according to the site conditions. The construction is simple and fast, which reduces the technical and experience requirements of the operator, and realizes the "fool" construction, which is more conducive to ensuring the quality of waterproof construction.

4. Solve the problem of difficult processing of detail nodes

The coil material can be effectively combined with the construction of waterproof coatings to solve the difficult problems of coil materials such as pipe penetration and water outlets. The advantages of the coil material and the paint complement each other, which realizes the "seamless" operation of the coil material and effectively solves the problem of the coil material in the details. Deal with difficult problems.

5. Solve the problem of hidden safety in waterproof construction

In the process of coil construction, no solvent and fuel are needed, which eliminates hidden safety hazards, at the same time saves resources and avoids environmental pollution.


MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane scope of application

It is suitable for the waterproof and moisture proof projects of general industrial, civil buildings and transportation civil engineering, especially for the parts where a large number of nails penetrate the waterproof layer.

This article introduces the MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane from these three parts, want to know more products can continue to pay attention to our website, we also provide MPU Waterproofing CoatingLikfix Waterproofing Coating.

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