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Canlon MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane construction process

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MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane is premium waterproofing membrane composed of high performance cross laminated HDPE surface film, special rubberized asphalt and backed release paper to maintain adhesive quality. However do you know the installation details of Canlon’s MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane? Here we will let you know our construction process.

This article includes 3parts:

1. Operation conditions

2. General Process 

3. Construction Steps


1.Operating conditions

1.1. Substrate maintenance shall meet design and specification requirements. Before the construction of the waterproofing work, the quality of the previous work should be checked and accepted.

1.2. All kinds of pipe fittings should be embedded in accordance with the design and specification requirements, and sealed well.

1.3. The substrate layer should be solid, dry, clean, and free of sand, rocks.


1.4. The internal and external corners surface should be rounded, the minimum radius of the internal corner is 50mm, and the minimum radius of the external corner is 20mm.

1.5. There should be no visible water on the substrate surface during construction. If there is any part of water accumulation, the construction can be carried on after removing the water.

2. General Process

Substrate layer cleaning and getting wet—→ get BAW primer ready for wet construction method—→ Spread BAW primer for wet construction method—→ Strengthen details treatment—→ Apply MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane on large area—→ Lift membrane and discharge inside Gas—→overlapping of membrane—→Fix and seal at the end of work—→Organizing acceptance checking.

3. Construction steps

3.1. Substrate preparation

Remove all dust, contaminants or other foreign dirt, keep the substrate to be dry.


3.2 Priming

Apply primer to substrate, during application, ensure the application is performed towards one direction and obtain average thickness, avoid leakage or accumulation and expose the primer until it is not sticky to fingers.


3.3 Details treatment

Reinforce detailed areas such as internal or external corners, drainages, expansion joints and penetration pipes.

3.4 Positioning

Align the membranes within right area where the membrane will be installed.

3.5 Membrane installation


Carefully peel down of the release film at the back, at the same time slowly push the membrane to move forward within reserved area. During the installation, the membrane shall move forward at proper speed.

The release film attached to side laps must be kept clean and free from contamination before overlapping to protect the adhesive side from being contaminated or damaged.

Pull-off of membrane with excessive force is prohibited.

3.6 Trapped air excluding 


In order to obtain firm bonding to substrate, immediately press or roll (back and forth) tightly over the installed membranes to exclude trapped air.

3.7 Cut edges and end laps overlapping


When overlapping cut edges, remove release film attached to side laps of previous and succeeding membranes, then bond the two adjacent membranes together(along the controlled liner/selvage). Immediately use roller to press tightly over the overlapping areas so that the trapped air is fully excluded.

On end laps overlapping, the operation process follows cut edges.


The recommended overlapping width is 80mm for below grade application, and 60mm for roofing projects, For more information about the MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane, MPU Waterproofing Coating, Likfix Waterproofing Coating. please pay attention to our website or get in touch with us, we will reply your message in time

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