Want to know the construction of MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane?
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Want to know the construction of MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane?

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How is the MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane constructed in winter? How to protect the finished MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane? What about transportation and storage? This article takes you to understand these three items about the product.



This article mainly introduces three contents:

  • Winter construction measures

  • Finished product protection

  • Transportation and storage


Winter construction measures

The low temperature during construction in winter brings certain difficulties to the construction of waterproof membranes. For the construction of MBA-CL post-applied waterproofing membrane, our company will take the following corresponding measures according to the specific situation to ensure the quality of the project:

1.Fine-tune the coil production process formula according to weather conditions to make it more suitable for the requirements of low temperature construction in winter. The quality of materials still implements national standards.

2. Place the material in a heated room as much as possible, and then take it out for construction.

3. It is best to choose to construct around noon, so that the surrounding temperature is higher and the construction effect is good.

4. When brushing the base layer treatment agent, the thickness of the brush should be appropriately increased while ensuring full coating.

5. Use hot air welding torch or torch to heat the coils, laps and other parts or the base surface, and then heat them before bonding. (Mainly to increase the ambient temperature, not the hot melt coil)

6. The special sealant can be heated to a higher temperature, and applied to the parts of the coiled material overlapping and closing, so as to not only make these parts stick to heat, but also reliably seal the overlapping and closing parts.

7. When conditions permit, build a warm shed at the waterproof construction site.

8. According to our company's experience of waterproof construction in winter (-10℃) in the past few years, the above corresponding measures are very effective.

Finished product protection

1.During the construction process, before the BAW binder has reached the hardening, the rain shielding measures should be taken in case of rain.

2. Before the BAW adhesive hardens (generally 48h), the waterproof layer should not be used to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.

3. In the construction of the waterproof layer or when the waterproof layer is completed and the protective layer is not completed, it is a critical period for the protection of the finished product. In the meantime, the site must pull warning lines and set eye-catching signs for prompts, prohibit any unrelated personnel from entering the site, and strictly prohibit wearing shoes with iron nails and iron palms to enter the site to avoid puncturing the waterproof layer. For waterproof construction personnel and materials to enter, the principle of handling lightly must be observed, and it is strictly forbidden for sharp objects to hit the waterproof layer.

4. Use polystyrene board for soft protection on the outer wall of the underground structure, or build a brick masonry outside the waterproof layer for protection.

5. The backfill soil outside the waterproof layer shall be compacted in layers, and shall not be poured directly from the upper part of the foundation pit to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

Transportation and storage

1.During transportation and storage, products of different types and specifications should be stacked separately and should not be mixed.

2. Avoid sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation.

3. The storage temperature should not be higher than 45°C. When the coil is stored flat, the stacking height should not exceed five layers, and when it is stored upright, it should be stacked in a single layer.

4. Prevent tilting or side pressure during transportation and cover with felt cloth if necessary.

5. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the product storage period is at least one year from the date of production.


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