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Craftsman Canlon | Serving Logan’s Project in Lingang of Shangai, Canlon Won The Title Of "Excellent Partner"

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Recently, the Logan 10-2 plot of project in Lingang of Shanghai supplied by Canlon with waterproof materials and constructed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Canlon Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the project department of Logan Real Estate, and CANLON was awarded the title of "Excellent Partner".

In 2021, Logan Group vigorously expanded the Yangtze River Delta market and successfully won the bid for about 500,000 square meters of international comprehensive residential land in Lingang, Shanghai.

The 10-2 plot project is a commercial land integrating hotel and commerce, with a total construction area of 143,694.7㎡. Since Canlon undertook the project in December, it has focused on the company's concept of "standardization, strict requirements, and high-quality building" and closely followed the key points of project management , strictly grasping the quality safety and civilized construction; at the same time, actively communicate and cooperate with Party A to efficiently promote the progress of the project, which fully demonstrates the company's ingenious service spirit.

It is worth mentioning that this project uses Canlon MBP-P polymer pre-applied waterproof membrane to create a waterproof solution for the foundation slab. As Canlon's masterpiece in the field of polymer waterproofing material, MBP has been successfully applied to many domestic projects that have obtained Award of Luban and Jinyu.

Lingang has strong economic vitality. In the "2022 State-owned Construction Land Supply Plan" announced by Shanghai, Lingang occupies a large share. With the maturity of projects such as Shanghai Planetarium and Haichang Ocean Park, Lingang also urgently needs a high-end commercial complex to meet the increasingly rich shopping needs. Canlon and Logan joined hands to build in Lingang, which is bound to make this area bloom with new charm and brilliance.

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