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Excellent CANLON | MBP Easily Cope with The Stringent Requirements of Underground Waterproofing Projects--Part 2

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Which projects are more inclined to choose MBP?

Difficult construction environments often have higher requirements for suppliers' materials and installation. The more complex geological conditions and harsh construction links are, the more careful the engineering party will be to choose high-quality waterproof materials and comprehensive and detailed waterproofing design. As the saying goes, don’t bite off more than one can chew. MBP is this kind of master who rises up to the challenge and becomes stronger when he encounters it.


Project Name: Nanning Rail Transit Line 4

Difficulty factor: ★★★★

The construction of the Nanning Metro is the first time that it will pass beneath through an existing heavy-haul freight railway at close range. This time, the underpass of an existing heavy-haul freight railway tunnel has a vertical clear distance of only 2.644 meters, which is less than one floor high. It is not only the first case in Guangxi to go under such a short distance, but it is also rare in the whole country.



Project Name: Jinji Lake Tunnel

Difficulty factor: ★★★★★

As the first public-railway super-long open cut tunnel through a 5A lake scenic spot in China, the total length of the project is about 6.04 kilometers, with the main line being about 5.4km long and a total investment of about 6.02 billion yuan, and is scheduled to be opened to traffic by the end of 2022. The average water depth of Jinji Lake is about 1.8 metres, with deep north-south trenches and a maximum depth of 5 metres. The geology of the lake is complex, and the east and west areas of the lake are the core business district of Suzhou, which are comparable to "operating on the heart of Suzhou". The quality of the project is also a big test!

CANLON is always pursuing international development and continuous innovation. Our main products include PVC/TPO waterproof membrane, Polyurethane waterproof coating and HDPE Pre-applied waterproof membrane etc. Welcome to reach out and we will provide you with the best quality products and service.

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