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Technology Canlon | What Kind Of Waterproof Material Is The First Choice For Nuclear Power Field?

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Technology Canlon | What Kind Of Waterproof Material Is The First Choice For Nuclear Power Field?

What kind of waterproof material is the first choice in the field of nuclear power?

canlon waterproofing for nuclear power

Starting with coastal features

Do you know? In my country, most nuclear power plants are built by the sea. Why?

We know that nuclear power plants generate heat through nuclear fission, use heat to heat water, generate water vapor, and then let the water vapor drive turbines, thereby driving generators to generate electricity.

However, nuclear power plants cannot be 100% converted into electrical energy during operation, and there will always be a large amount of excess heat that cannot be recovered and needs to be cooled. As the ultimate cooling source, sea water has more volume and can perform multiple cycles of cooling in a short period of time. It is the best choice. Even if they are not built on the seaside, more than 50% of the world's nuclear power plants are built by inland rivers.

canlon waterproofing for nuclear power

Located by the sea, on one hand, it means that the air is relatively humid, which puts forward many challenges to the waterproofing project of nuclear power plants: first, it is not suitable to use the traditional wet applied method; the bitumen(asphalt) waterproofing membrane represented by SBS adopts torch-on construction, which has certain safety risks; in addition, the components in the adhesive bitumen primer are all flammable substances. Considering the particularity of nuclear energy, any potential safety hazards must be resolutely eliminated during the construction of nuclear power plants. All of the above have determined that the combination of polymer membranes with pre-applied anti-adhesive technology is the most suitable method for nuclear power waterproofing.

Another challenge brought by seawater is the corrosion resistance of materials. Currently, corrosion protection is an important task in the material integrity control of nuclear power plant equipment. The common durable corrosion types of marine structures in nuclear power plants include carbonation of concrete, marine corrosion and chloride salt corrosion, among which chloride salt corrosion is the most serious and difficult to control.

Chloride corrosion refers to the fact that chloride ions in the environment enter the interior of the concrete through penetration or diffusion, and reach the surface of the steel bar. After accumulating to a critical chloride ion concentration, it will destroy the passivation film on the surface of the steel bar and form a corrosion battery, resulting in steel bar corrosion. It can be said to be a key factor threatening nuclear security.

canlon waterproofing

In order to solve the threat of leakage and corrosion in nuclear power plant nuclear islands, nuclear auxiliary facilities and nuclear waste liquid storage and other underground projects, prevent groundwater (steam) from migrating into the building structure and cause corrosion damage to reinforced concrete, avoid nuclear waste liquid leakage to the ground and cause nuclear pollution, and further enhance the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants, CANLON cooperated with Southeast University in research and development, and broke through technical bottlenecks such as weak two-way barrier and impermeability of anti-seepage materials for nuclear power, poor adhesion to concrete, and resistance to sliding damage, and Introduced a new generation of MBP-P nuclear power (non-bitumen-based) polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.

This product not only uses the laminated anti-seepage membrane to form a two-way isolation and anti-seepage effect on underground water vapor and nuclear waste liquid, but also uses the vapor-induced crystallization of the active components in the modified sand to repair concrete cracks, avoiding the penetration of nuclear waste liquid into the ground, significantly reducing the pull-slip damage of the anti-seepage membrane caused by foundation settlement and earthquakes, and ensuring the high reliability of anti-seepage and waterproof for nuclear power underground projects. This product successfully obtained the double authoritative certification of "Jiangsu Boutique" and "Made in Suzhou".

canlon waterproofing

As the most advanced new-generation nuclear power unit "Hualong One" independently designed and manufactured by China was officially put into commercial operation and entered the stage of batch construction, China has become a world nuclear power power. However, before the product came out, the supporting anti-seepage materials for underground engineering had not yet achieved technological breakthroughs, and importing from the United States were expensive and had a long delivery cycle, which became a "stuck neck" technology for the high-quality development of my country's nuclear power. Therefore, the development of a new generation of high-performance impermeable materials for nuclear power by Canlon is of great significance for breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and filling the gap in China.

The development of the nuclear power industry is one of the important ways to accelerate the green transformation of energy, promote the high-quality development of energy in my country, and achieve the goal of "double carbon". CANLON closely follows the strategic goal of "empowering a low-carbon future and serving green buildings" and continues to innovate and make breakthroughs, which will provide more powerful support for my country's nuclear power construction.

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