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A list of these TPO waterproofing membrane articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional TPO waterproofing membrane, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Progressive Canlon | MBP-ZZ Was Named The 2022 "Innovative Product" Achievement Award

    ​On April 26, the Shanghai Construction Association held the eighth meeting of the fourth council. At the meeting, the Shanghai Construction Association announced the winners of the 2022 "Demonstration Projects, Innovative Products, And Advanced Technologies" selection activity, and presented awards to the winners. Canlon's thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) root puncture-resistant self-adhesive waterproofing membrane (MBP-ZZ) was awarded the 2022 "Innovative Product" Achievement Award.

  • Glory Canlon | 2022 China's Top 100 Buildings in The New Era, 9 Waterproof Projects That Canlon Participated Were Honored To Be Selected!

    Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a series of Chinese landmarks and world landmarks have sprung up; super projects represented by the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway, Taihu Tunnel, Beijing CITIC Tower, Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, etc. "China Business Card" also provides China Construction with more room for display and a stage for innovation. In the final list of "2022 China's Top 100 Buildings in the New Era" organized by the China Science and Technology Journalism Society, how many projects Canlon participated in are on the list? Let us take stock one by one today!

  • Technology Canlon | Reasons For Choosing "Lightweight", How To "Win With Lightness" In Light-Weight Optoelectronic Building Materials

    Galaxy photoelectric building materials are integrated with the roof through hot air welding, without the need for brackets, can be automatically and quickly installed, easy to carry by one person. The labor cost is low while installation efficiency high. It is labor-saving and material-saving; The unique ventilation structure design can effectively reduce the back temperature and prolong the life of the roof, while ensuring efficient power generation and reducing the total project cost. Focusing on the advantages of "lightweight", Galaxy is expected to be widely used in various scenarios such as new rural construction, old bulidng repair & renovation, fishery and solar complementation, and agriculture and solar complementation, and has broad development prospects!

  • Application of CANLON TPO Waterproofing Membrane In The "Smart Zero-Carbon Sky Garden" 135kw Photovoltaic Roofing Project

    Recently, the 135-kilowatt photovoltaic project of Huaneng Jiangsu Comprehensive Energy Company's iron tower "Smart Zero-Carbon Sky Garden" was successfully connected to the grid.This integrated garden-style comprehensive roof distributed project integrating "photovoltaic + landscape" is jointly built by Huaneng Jiangsu and Jiangsu Tower. It adopts the technical solutions and equipment materials of CANLON+ GOODWE, and integrates green, technology, ecology and other elements, successfully built a new energy demonstration project that organically combines environmental, economic and social benefits.

  • Excellent CANLON | Jinji Lake Tunnel Ushered In The Resumption Of Work, With Integrated Waterproofing As The Solid Escort

    Excellent CANLON | Jinji Lake Tunnel Ushered In The Resumption Of Work, With Integrated Waterproofing As The Solid EscortFocus on epidemic prevention and control on one hand and safety in production on the other hand.

  • International CANLON | Sailing out to the world - CANLON becomes a "Little Giant" cooperative enterprise with China Credit Insurance

    Recently, CANLON has received the title of "Small Giant" cooperative enterprise from China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation Limited.

  • Glory CANLON | CANLON won the 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award (Nomination Award)

    we will continue to strengthen our learning and exchange with the top international manufacturers of functional building materials and we need your support to make CANLON a further success.

  • Aggressive CANLON| CANLON's CSPV system lands on Beyondsun PV roofs

    Recently, CANLON and Beyondsun PV formally signed a contract to provide whole lifecycle services for Beyondsun PV's 3GW monocrystalline cell factory roof based on polymer TPO CSPV system, which is the first project of cooperation between CANLON and Beyondsun in the field of PV new energy


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