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Focus Canlon | Integrated Quality Landed On CCTV - TMP Integrated Panel Appeared On CCTV's Financial Channel!

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On September 12, the financial channel "Economic Information Broadcast" of CCTV broadcast a series of reports on "Specialized and New, Manufacturing Power", and walked into Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CANLON") to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's innovative product for green buildings and low-carbon roofing - TMP Integrated Panel. Let the national audience once again pay attention to the system field of "low carbon roofing".

The TMP Integrated Panel system solution is a weldable physical anti-corrosion roofing system solution tailored by CANLON to solve the pain points of traditional chemical anti-corrosion steel roofs that are prone to rust and leakage. The exposed TPO waterproofing membrane is bonded and integrated with the metal panel through special processing technology to achieve integrated anti-corrosion and waterproofing, effectively extending the service life of the steel roof, matching the full life cycle of the photovoltaic power station, and truly realizing "Anti-rust, Anti-Leakage, No Need For Renovation, 25-Year Full Protection"

Protect photovoltaic roof

As the first product in the industry that deeply integrates polymer waterproof materials and metal panels, it has been awarded an invention patent certificate by the State Intellectual Property Office. The advent of TMP Integrated Panel marks that CANLON has corresponding originality and competitiveness in the market segment of metal envelope systems.

TPO polymer waterproof membrane produced by CANLON, comes from a production line customized by three Italian equipment manufacturers based on decades of experience and combined with
Canlons technology and product requirements. It realizes full-process automation from product feeding, online compounding to subcontracting and palletizing. At the same time, it is the first in China to realize the production of TPO waterproof membranes with internal glass fiber reinforcement (Type G) and glass fiber internal reinforcement with fleece backing (Type GL). It is the technological crystallization of global resin-based polymer waterproofing membrane production equipment and processes.

In recent years, CANLON has made a cross-border transformation, focusing on hot areas such as single-layer roofs, planted roofs, photovoltaic building integration, tile roofs, and metal enclosure systems that are currently the most concerned in the industry, showing off "low carbon strength" and deeply exploring the application prospects of polymer waterproof materials in industrial and commercial roofs and sponge city construction. In response to the needs of multiple scenarios such as the renovation of new and existing roofs and the installation of photovoltaics, a series of solutions have been launched, including TMP integrated panel photovoltaic roof systems, single-ply roof photovoltaic roof systems, and LD Lunding lightweight and durable assembled roof systems.

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