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Progressive Canlon | MBP-ZZ Was Named The 2022 "Innovative Product" Achievement Award

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On April 26, the Shanghai Construction Association held the eighth meeting of the fourth council. At the meeting, the Shanghai Construction Association announced the winners of the 2022 "Demonstration Projects, Innovative Products, And Advanced Technologies" selection activity, and presented awards to the winners. Canlon's thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) root puncture-resistant self-adhesive waterproofing membrane (MBP-ZZ) was awarded the 2022 "Innovative Product" Achievement Award.

It is understood that this selection aims to implement the strategic policy of Shanghai's construction system leading by science and technology and transforming development, implement the goal of carbon neutrality in urban and rural construction, promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and construction industrialization, improve the effectiveness of the association in serving members, serving the market, and serving the government, and promote the progress of technological innovation and management innovation of member units.

Karen MBP-ZZ membrane is composed of white main sheet (TPO thermoplastic polyolefin), polymer self-adhesive adhesive film, and isolation film. The thermoplastic polyolefin sheet itself has the properties of stable size, good flexibility, weather resistance, and weldability. It is not affected by the corrosion of various decomposing enzymes released by plant roots. The polymer self-adhesive film coated on the sheet has good bonding performance and outstanding properties of anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-water immersion, etc. It is an ideal physical root-resistance type root-puncture-resistant waterproof membrane.

The product adopts self-adhesive construction method with simple process, safe and environmentally friendly, and it is more in line with the national green and sustainable development strategy. After this new type of root puncture-resistant self-adhesive waterproof membrane is applied and promoted in a wider range, it will achieve more prominent social benefits in terms of rational use of resources, environmental protection, energy saving and labor protection.

It is worth mentioning that the MBP-ZZ membrane had previously won the third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award in the construction waterproof industry, marking the best annotation for the company's "iterative innovation" brand concept.

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