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Technology Canlon | Reasons For Choosing "Lightweight", How To "Win With Lightness" In Light-Weight Optoelectronic Building Materials

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Reasons for choosing "lightweight"

As a very valuable quality in optoelectronic products, "lightweight" provides architects with a broader design space when facing different roofing environments. Some experts believe that the flexibility of components is not a rigid need for buildings, and lightweight is the direction that photovoltaic buildings will always pursue. No matter what the technical route is, we must strive to take the lightweight route.What is this for?

According to the survey, under the strategy of "Every County Promotes Photovoltaic Construction”, users in many places in China are enthusiastic about photovoltaic installation, and people are rushing to invest in household power stations. Many adobe houses and tile houses in rural areas have poor roof bearing capacity. In order to install solar panels, some people will adopt the dangerous installation methods, and the safety cannot be guaranteed. Facing with possible hail, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, this installation method is even more dangerous.

A simple solution for a rural household to deal with insufficient roof bearing capacity, which is easily damaged by strong winds

In addition, traditional photovoltaic panels generally weigh about 20kg per square meter. For concrete roofs, the bearing capacity is not a problem, but for steel structure roofs, strict inspection and identification are required before implementation.

Many early industrial and commercial workshops were not designed with inaccessible roof at the beginning, and the design value of live load was relatively small; the rainy weather in the southern region made the steel structure easy to corrode, and the bearing capacity continued to decline as the age increased; In the northern region, the snow load caused by snow accumulation should also be considered; Conventional bracket-type components may also damage the original roof structure, rust holes, and fail to eliminate the hidden danger of roof leakage...These environmental factors all increase the difficulty of solar panel(PV module) installation, either visibly or invisibly.

In contrast, lightweight components can be "light" to win, directly attached to the installation substrate, and integrated with the installation environment, perfectly solving the problem of insufficient load on the roof type.

Lightweight and strength coexis

Canlon fully guard for 25 years

In contrast, the "Galaxy" lightweight corrosion-resistant panel is one step closer to being "perfect". Through the integrated packaging of photovoltaic modules and Canlon TPO waterproofing membrane, the roof load pressure is effectively reduced, and the core pain points such as high leakage rate, insufficient load, and difficult operation and maintenance of industrial and commercial building roofs are accurately solved.

Galaxy photoelectric building materials are integrated with the roof through hot air welding, without the need for brackets, can be automatically and quickly installed, easy to carry by one person. The labor cost is low while installation efficiency high. It is labor-saving and material-saving; The unique ventilation structure design can effectively reduce the back temperature and prolong the life of the roof, while ensuring efficient power generation and reducing the total project cost.

Focusing on the advantages of "lightweight", Galaxy is expected to be widely used in various scenarios such as new rural construction, old bulidng repair & renovation, fishery and solar complementation, and agriculture and solar complementation, and has broad development prospects!

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