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These are related to the solar roofing news, in which you can learn about the updated information in solar roofing, to help you better understand and expand solar roofing market. Because the market for solar roofing is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Focus Canlon | Contribute To The Power of Entrepreneurs! Mr. Qian Lindi Attended The 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference
    Focus Canlon | Contribute To The Power of Entrepreneurs! Mr. Qian Lindi Attended The 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual ConferenceThe 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual ConferenceFuzhou, ChinaAbstractFrom May 16th to 19th, the 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference
  • Glory Canlon | The 8th Century Photovoltaic Conference - Canlon won the Award of PVBL Excellent Service Provider In PV Industry 2023
    On May 22, CPC2023 8th Annual Century Photovoltaic Conference and PVBL2023 Global Photovoltaic Brand Top 100 List and Global Photovoltaic Brand Influence Research and Analysis Report were officially released in Shanghai, attracting more than 800 guests on site and more than 100,000+ guests online. meeting. Canlon was awarded as "PVBL Excellent Service Provider In PV Industry 2023.
  • Excellent Canlon | Canlon PV Support Serves Dongfeng Company Building a Zero-Carbon Demonstration Park!
    In order to create a zero-carbon demonstration park for the new energy automobile industry and a digital industrial park, energy conservation and photovoltaic applications have been fully considered from the beginning of construction, and all workshops and office buildings use photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, the photovoltaic installation on the roof must be very sophisticated. After many technical exchanges, Canlon PV Ligu support solution was finally adopted for photovoltaic installation.
  • Progressive Canlon | Canlon Group Joined Hands With Liansheng New Energy To Establish Shanghai Liansheng Canlon New Energy Co., Ltd.
    In order to expand the application of polymer waterproof materials in the field of roof distributed photovoltaics, further consolidate the company's competitive position in the polymer market, and better implement business development strategies, Canlon Group intends to jointly invest and establish a joint venture company with Zhejiang Liansheng Hezhong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liansheng New Energy").
  • Focus Canlon | Canlon Won The Honorary Title of “Best Photovoltaic Roof System Service Provider”
    On November 17, the 14th China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and Exhibition opened simultaneously online and offline. With the theme of "Focusing on Dual Carbon Goals and Leading Green Development", the conference focused on displaying new products, technologies and applications such as solar photovoltaics, energy storage, hydrogen energy, new energy vehicles, and charging piles.
  • Excellent Canlon | TMP Metal Panel Installed on Key Industrial Project of Tens of Billions on Jinboyu Island, Zhoushan City
    Zhoushan is the landing point of many large-scale typhoons; at the same time there is often acid rain pollution, which puts forward higher requirements on the wind uplift resistance and anti-corrosion performance of the roof. In order to protect the roof of the factory buildings in the industrial park and prepare for the installation of photovoltaics in the later stage, the construction unit chose Canlon's TMP Metal Panel to build a integrated solar roofing system.
  • Technology Canlon | Reasons For Choosing "Lightweight", How To "Win With Lightness" In Light-Weight Optoelectronic Building Materials
    Galaxy photoelectric building materials are integrated with the roof through hot air welding, without the need for brackets, can be automatically and quickly installed, easy to carry by one person. The labor cost is low while installation efficiency high. It is labor-saving and material-saving; The unique ventilation structure design can effectively reduce the back temperature and prolong the life of the roof, while ensuring efficient power generation and reducing the total project cost. Focusing on the advantages of "lightweight", Galaxy is expected to be widely used in various scenarios such as new rural construction, old bulidng repair & renovation, fishery and solar complementation, and agriculture and solar complementation, and has broad development prospects!
  • Application of CANLON TPO Waterproofing Membrane In The "Smart Zero-Carbon Sky Garden" 135kw Photovoltaic Roofing Project
    Recently, the 135-kilowatt photovoltaic project of Huaneng Jiangsu Comprehensive Energy Company's iron tower "Smart Zero-Carbon Sky Garden" was successfully connected to the grid.This integrated garden-style comprehensive roof distributed project integrating "photovoltaic + landscape" is jointly built by Huaneng Jiangsu and Jiangsu Tower. It adopts the technical solutions and equipment materials of CANLON+ GOODWE, and integrates green, technology, ecology and other elements, successfully built a new energy demonstration project that organically combines environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Honor Canlon | Canlon Won the Title of "2022 China's Best Service Provider for Rooftop Energy System Solution "
    On July 23, "Embrace the Great Era of Distributed Photovoltaics" - the 4th China Household Photovoltaic Conference and Forum on High-Quality Development of Distributed Energy was held in Jinan in 2022. Canlon was shortlisted for the Excellent Brand Award with its excellent products and reputation. L

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