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Excellent Canlon | Canlon PV Support Serves Dongfeng Company Building a Zero-Carbon Demonstration Park!

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Project Description

Mengshi Motors, code-named "M", is an electric luxury ORV(Off-Road Vehicle) brand launched by Dongfeng Company to meet the upgrading trend of off-road consumer demand and determined by deepening the strategic layout of the "Dongfangfengqi" plan.

As a provincial key demonstration project in Hubei, Mengshi Science and Technology Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as M Park) is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 485 acres, with a total construction area of 96,000 square meters. It integrates advanced intelligent manufacturing, off-road physical examination base, and custom modification center.

In order to create a zero-carbon demonstration park for the new energy automobile industry and a digital industrial park, energy conservation and photovoltaic applications have been fully considered from the beginning of construction, and all workshops and office buildings use photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, the photovoltaic installation on the roof must be very sophisticated. After many technical exchanges, Canlon PV Ligu support solution was finally adopted for photovoltaic installation. The PV support is directly fixed on the wave crest of the color steel panel. Through the design of the combined load of the drawing force, the main body of the support is screwed firmly, and then the support edge and the membrane are tightly welded to make the installation of the photovoltaic system easier and reliable. It also eliminates potential problems such as poor stability of fixtures used in traditional fixed photovoltaic systems, serious damage to steel plates, and subsequent leakage and corrosion.

In order to build the M Park into a quality benchmark for new energy buildings in Wuhan, Canlon technical service team entered the project site immediately, formulated a scientific and rigorous construction plan based on the actual situation and past construction experience, and also sincerely cooperated with all construction parties throughout the process, which once again strongly demonstrates Canlon's "professional, dedicated, meticulous and pragmatic" craftsman spirit.

Today, the construction of the M Park is progressing smoothly. Let us wish Mengshi Automobile to make great strides all the way and become the first luxury electric off-road vehicle in China.

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