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Glory Canlon | The 8th Century Photovoltaic Conference - Canlon won the Award of PVBL Excellent Service Provider In PV Industry 2023

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On May 22, CPC2023 8th Century Photovoltaic Conference and PVBL2023 Global Photovoltaic Brand Top 100 List and Global Photovoltaic Brand Influence Research and Analysis Report were officially released in Shanghai, attracting more than 800 guests on site and more than 100,000+ guests online. meeting. Canlon was awarded as "PVBL Excellent Service Provider In PV Industry 2023.

The data shows that the total revenue of the 2023 global top 100 brand companies will exceed 1.64 trillion yuan in 2022, an increase of 75.97% year-on-year, and the net profit will exceed 188 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 105%, reflecting the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry and fierce competition.

According to the statistics of the conference, there are nearly 70 enterprises that will "cross-border" enter the photovoltaic industry in 2022 alone, covering multiple industries and industrial chains. PVBL Photovoltaic Brand Laboratory finally selected 9 photovoltaic industry excellent service awards through comprehensive evaluation by photovoltaic industry media, third-party evaluation agencies, industry associations, market analysts and other industry professionals, which is a strong proof of the recognition of Canlon Integrated photovoltaic roof system in the industry.

"China Photovoltaic Brand Ranking" is the only survey and ranking activity in China to evaluate the value of photovoltaic brands. The list has been successfully released for many consecutive years, and is known as the "barometer of China's photovoltaic market".

At present, the promotion of photovoltaic installation on roofs is generally faced with problems such as the urgent need for maintenance and upgrading of old roofs, the urgent need to improve anti-corrosion capabilities, and the lack of light-load solutions. In response to market demand, CANLON, together with partners, continues to introduce cost-effective roofing systems. The plan has laid a good foundation for "empowering low-carbon roofs to help build as much as possible".

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