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Focus Canlon | Contribute To The Power of Entrepreneurs! Mr. Qian Lindi Attended The 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference

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The 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference

Fuzhou, China


From May 16th to 19th, the 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference with the theme of "Contribute Entrepreneurial Power To Chinese Path To Modernization" was grandly held in Fuzhou. Mr. Qian Lindi, chairman of CANLON, was invited to attend, and discussed with participating entrepreneurs and experts on hot topics such as industrial transformation, technological innovation, green and low-carbon, digital economy, and gave speeches to share.

○ Voice of Canlon ○

Guest Lecture

Platform Empowerment

This year's annual conference focuses on the transformation of enterprises and entrepreneurs from factor-driven and investment-driven to innovation-driven, enabling enterprises to have international competitiveness and the ability to resist risks in response to global environmental changes, and to take a sonorous step towards high-quality development. The conference awarded awards to enterprises with outstanding performance in all walks of life. Canlon won the honorary title of "2022 Most Influential Brand in the Industry" by virtue of its leading advantages of polymer waterproofing in the industry.

In the speech forum set up at the conference with the theme of "Platform Empowering and Win-Win Development for the Future", Mr. Qian Lindi, chairman of Canlon, delivered a speech as a special guest of the China Enterprise Association.

Mr. Qian Lindi said that it is a great honor to come to the site of the 10th China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference to exchange and learn with entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and celebrities from all walks of life. Through the platform built by the China Enterprise Association, he met many excellent entrepreneurs and friends, and also learned the advanced concepts and business models of many companies, and reached a close cooperative relationship with Auben Group, Longji and other companies. In the future, Canlon will join hands with more companies to achieve deep industrial chain integration and serve the BIPV system supply chain to continuously improve its independent innovation capabilities, commit to realizing new scenarios for the application of polymer waterproof materials in roofing, and actively promote the development of the green economy.

At the conference, Canlon set up a product exhibition area to showcase the company's integrated photovoltaic roof waterproofing system for industrial and commercial roofs, including innovative product systems such as single-ply roofing system, TPO Coated Metal system and Galaxy lightweight photovoltaic building materials. The most cutting-edge exchanges and thought collisions of photovoltaic roofing system technology were carried out with entrepreneurs and experts participating in the conference.

In the long-distance running of high-quality development, only innovation-driven can obtain long-term competitive advantages, and only value sharing can realize the organic combination of economic and social benefits. Closely around the theme of innovation drive and value sharing, Canlon provides more partners with green and carbon-reducing "Canlon solutions".

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