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Technology Canlon | The Weather Is Getting Colder, Should Waterproof Membranes Be Used To "Keep Out The Cold And Keep Warm"?

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Before you know it, the autumnal equinox, the 16th of the twenty-four solar terms, has passed. The yang energy of the world has gradually faded, and the climate has turned cooler. Please don’t forget to add some clothes to keep warm from the cold. Of course, CANLON also wants some recommend friends to know some low-temperature waterproofing knowledge. For example, will the performance of waterproof materials be compromised under low-temperature conditions?

This involves an important indicator - low temperature bendability .

Low-temperature bending is an important performance that reflects the environmental adaptability of waterproof membranes. Some waterproof materials may have excellent waterproof performance at room temperature, but in extreme low-temperature environments, they are easily damaged and destroyed. The service life and waterproof effect of the material both will be greatly discounted.

Low temperature bendability

TPO thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane is a preferred material widely used in roofing. It is often used in exposed environments and requires higher low-temperature bending properties. The lowest temperature in northern China can be as low as -40℃, and the roof needs to withstand rain and snow. So special attention should be paid to this indicator when selecting roof waterproofing materials.

The TPO products produced by Canlon CPCM Industrial Park have better flexibility than conventional TPO products and can produce TPO membranes of type P, G, and GL. Among them, type P is reinforced with polyester fibers, and type G is reinforced with glass fibers. Type GL uses glass fiber internal reinforcement with a fleece backing structure, which can effectively improve its breaking strength, fatigue resistance, and puncture resistance, giving the membrane better dimensional stability.

Exposed roof application effect

At present, Canlon TPO (type P) waterproofing membrane has mature project experience in single-ply roof waterproofing applications. Such a product can not only bend at -40°C without brittleness, but can also be used for a long time in an environment of -60°C to 135°C.

Resist severe cold and fearless in winter - Canlon's single-ply roof waterproofing system will give you the most reliable protection.

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