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Focus Canlon | Canlon Appeared In The 20th China Housing Expo

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From June 19th to 21st, the 20th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as China Housing Expo) opened in Beijing. CANLON participated in the exhibition with a variety of innovative product systems, allowing the audience to understand Canlon’s technical achievements in "empowering green buildings and escorting a low-carbon future".

Interactive Experience

Since its inception in 1995, all previous China Housing Expos have focused on the themes related to the modernization of the housing industry and green and low-carbon development. The theme of this year's Housing Expo is "Science and Technology Empower Good Housing Construction, Innovative Construction Makes Living Well", highlighting technological innovation to help industrial development, and bringing together passive ultra-low energy consumption and near-zero energy consumption building technologies and products.

In this conference, Canlon made full use of the advantage of the on-site experience of the exhibition, not only showing Canlon's polymer membrane series products leading classic waterproof systems of industrial and civil construction, but also showing Canlon's single-ply roofing system for the global low-carbon field , TPO coated metal roof system, LD Lunding roof system and siphon waterproof and drainage integrated system and other innovative applications, attracted many audiences to exchange and discuss, and also shared with professional exhibitors and experts around the technological innovation of roof systems.

Empowering Green Buildings, Escorting a Low-Carbon Future

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