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  • Benchmark Canlon | Not Only Repair, But Also "Rush Repair"!

    ​In the past few days, the heavy rain in many parts of the country has attracted widespread attention. According to statistics from the Central Meteorological Observatory, heavy rainfall occurred in Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Fujian, and heavy rain fell in central Jiangxi and northern Fujian. Among them, the cumulative rainfall in Fuzhou, Ji'an, and Yichun in Jiangxi Province was 250 mm to 280 mm, reaching a heavy rainstorm level.

  • Technological Philosophy | Why Do Humans Like Miniature Landscapes?

    No matter whether it is a model or garage kit, under certain circumstances, the miniaturized tools can not only cultivate sentiment, but also provide technical support, becoming an innovative weapon in the era of industrial intelligence. If you have visited Canlon Advanced Technology Research Institute, there is a high probability that you will see such a "Garage Kit" with rich technical content, which is the imported production line of our pilot laboratory.

  • Striving To Set Sail | Canlon 2022 Annual Summary & Commendation And 2023 New Year Mobilization Conference

    On the afternoon of February 18, 2023, Canlon 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2023 New Year Mobilization Conference with the theme of "Sail with great effort, break the cocoon and become a butterfly" was held in Gloria Grand Hotel .

  • Focus Canlon | Zhu Dongqing, Secretary-general of China Building Waterproof Association Visited Canlon

    On February 12, 2023, Zhu Dongqing, Secretary-General of China Building Waterproof Association, Zhang Yong, Chief Engineer of China Building Waterproof Association, Zhu Zhiyuan, Chief Engineer of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Suzhou Co., Ltd., and Xian Yongbiao, Vice President of China Building Waterproof Association, visited CANLON and conducted technical exchanges on the new industry standard "General Specification for Waterproofing of Buildings and Municipal Engineering", and interpreted the new rules and regulations. Mr. Qian Lindi, Chairman of CANLON, President, Zhang Yong, Executive President, Chen Hongjin, Vice President and other senior leaders warmly received the visiting experts and leaders.

  • Benchmark Canlon | Digital Intelligent Construction Continues To Upgrade, Tangshan Factory Has Obtained DCMM Certification

    Recently, the China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced the list of the latest batch of companies that have obtained the Data Management Capability Maturity (DCMM) certificate through its official website. Tangshan Canlon New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Canlon’s Factory in Tangshang) has obtained the DCMM (Level 2) certification awarded by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation.

  • Excellent CANLON | This High Speed Railway Has Chosen CANLON Again!

    On April 24, Hubei Province Electronic Bidding Trading Platform announced that CANLON's subsidiary Canlon Rail Transit New Materials Co., Ltd. again won the tender for the construction of the Wuhan to Yichang section of the new HuYuRong high-speed railway (first opening section).

  • Industry News | Roofing design service life of not less than 20 years, the biggest beneficiary will be this material?

    Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development organized multi-unit drafting of the national standard "technical specifications for roofing works (partial revision of the draft provisions for public comment)", for public comment.

  • International CANLON - Hearing the thunder in the silence, seeing the backbone in the storm - CANLON wins MBP patent case!

    On 22 October 2021, an announcement of progress in litigation matters was quietly posted on the information website, like a snowflake in water, without making a single ripple.

  • Glorious CANLON - CANLON was awarded "2021 Best 5 of Environmental Protection of China Real Estate Suppliers"

    Glorious CANLON - CANLON was awarded "2021 Best 5 of Environmental Protection of China Real Estate Suppliers"

  • Focus CANLON | Two good evens, A new track, CANLON leads the way in new scenarios for polymer roofing applications

    On September 2, BIPV PV building integration plate ushered in a wave of continuous rise: Ruihe shares, Dongxu Blue Sky, JinkoSolar, Akcome Technology and other more than 10 stocks daily limit, announcing that the PV industry ushered in a wave of collective outbreak.

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