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Integrate New Technologies And Strive To Be The First | Canlon Annual Partners Conference 2024 Is Grandly Held!

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On March 3, 2024, Canlon Annual Partners Conference 2024 with the theme of "Integration, Innovation, Breakthrough and Striving for the First" was grandly held at the Hengli Hotel inWujiang District, Suzhou City. Partners from all over the country came to the site to discuss business cooperation and learn about the latest market strategies, service support and shared resources.

Canlon Waterproofing  
Canlon Waterproofing


Canlon Waterproofing


Canlon Waterproofing


Canlon Waterproofing

Canlon Waterproofing

Canlon Waterproofing

Canlon Waterproofing

Canlon Waterproofing

In 2023, CANLON has overcome the cold winter of the industry and ushered in a new sunrise. With the improvement of its operating structure, the comprehensive layout and market development of photovoltaic roofs, flooring, waterproofing and drainage, urban renewal and other businesses, Canlon has successfully drawn a bright future. In view of the new situation, we have taken the lead in the new track of low-carbon transformation of the industry. Because of this, "Integration, innovation, breaking through and striving to be the first" has become the theme of this Partner Conference.

At the beginning of the meeting, everyone stood up and sang the national anthem, kicking off a new journey. Subsequently, a warm-up video was released to review Canlons achievements since 2023.

Mr. Qian Lindi

Mr. Qian Lindi, chairman of CANLON, brought a themed report on "Turning "Crisis" Into "Opportunity" And Becoming "New" Due To "Change" - Prospects Of Canlons Strategic Transformation" at this conference. He concluded the current market crises and opportunities, emphasized the achievements of Canlon's green and low-carbon strategic transformation, look forward to future market opportunities, and encourage partners to work with CANLON to seize the opportunity.

Mr. Zhang YongExecutive President

Executive President Zhang Yong shared the theme of "Believing in the Power of Belief - Exploring the Commercial Value of Canlon Resources". He introduced in detail how on the road of transformation and development, CANLON gave its partners unique business value by expanding diversified business opportunities and providing a 360 degree service system.

Mr. Ma ZhibinVice President of Marketing

Vice President of Marketing Ma Zhibin brought us "Ignite Hope and Work Hand in Hand to Create the Future - Marketing Center's 2023 Work Summary and 2024 Work Outlook" at the meeting, explaining the company's marketing operation results in the past year and future sales system policies , expressing the determination and expectation of the company and its partners to work together for a win-win situation.

Wang Ning, General Manager of Low Carbon Roofing Division

Wang Ning, general manager of the low-carbon roofing business unit, shared with us the theme of "Commercial Value and Empowerment Support of Canlon TMP Integrated Panel Roofing" at the meeting. It focused on the marketing and application results of TMP Integrated Panel(TPO Coated Metal), the enabling support for partners, and the huge commercial value in the future.

Sun Guojun, General Manager of Canlon New Energy

Sun Guojun, general manager of Canlon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme of "Riding on the Wind, Gathering the Momentum and Win-win - The Value and Prospects of Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic" . This theme sharing focuses on the establishment of Canlon New Energy, introduces the company's system services, and helps partners gain a deeper understanding of the structure and advantages of integrated photovoltaic roof systems.

Zhang Zhiqian, Director of R&D of Canlon Update Technology

Zhang Zhiqian, R&D Director of Canlon Update Technology, shared the theme of "Business Prospects for Mineral and Mining/Tunnel Disaster Engineering". Focusing on the establishment of Hubei Canlon Update Technology Co., Ltd., he introduced relevant experience in the fields of underground engineering disaster management research, grouting technology development, and support technology development.

Business Layout Flourishes

Deng Jubing, deputy chief engineer of the Engineering Technology Center, shared the theme of "New Products Create Blue Ocean". He introduced the new products launched by Canlon in different construction application scenarios and their technical construction method advantages, especially the combination innovation of product systems under the background of new regulations.

Yin Min, Director of the Integrated Waterproofing and Drainage Business Department, shared the theme of "Small but Beautiful Building Drainage Business". He introduced Canlons SDR siphon waterproof and drainage system that can realize multiple functions of waterproofing, drainage, and rainwater recycling, as well as the market promotion potential of green buildings and sponge city construction.

Zhang Tao, general manager of Canlon Shengshi New Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shared with us the theme of "Canlon Flooring Product Strategy and Business Opportunities". He introduced Canlons new flooring system, as well as solutions and market opportunities in new energy, public buildings, garages and other subdivisions.

The achievements that are obvious to all are inseparable from the support and efforts of every partner; in the past year, although there were many difficulties, but because of the unity of partners and forging ahead, CANLON still overcomes the difficulties and won breakthrough. Therefore, the conference set up a partner sharing session, inviting three partner representatives to share their valuable marketing experience and communicate with everyone about the journey of cooperation with CANLON.

At the same time, CANLON held a grand award ceremony for partners who made outstanding contributions in 2023. CANLON presented carefully prepared prizes to its partners and expressed its gratitude for their joint entrepreneurship and hard work with CANLON over the years.

The fate of a team must take into account not only individual struggles, but also the historical process. Understanding the national development strategy and gaining insight into the development needs of the times is the starting point for Canlon‘s future development. As a summary of the conference, President Mr. Li Zhongren took the stage to give a speech titled "Believe in the National Destiny and Work In-depth of Waterproofing Industry". He deeply analyzed the development advantages of China's manufacturing industry, combined with the company's own strategic analysis, and encouraged partners to believe in the National Destiny, seize the precious trend of new energy, and continue to deepen your cultivation and create new brilliance with CANLON.

Finally, let us raise our glasses and wish our partners a prosperous career and move to a new level!

Let’s look forward to 2024

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