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New Quality Productive Forces: Visible Intelligence, Invisible Innovation

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New Quality Productive Forces: New in “Invisible Places”

Introduction : Attaching great importance to the development of new productive forces is a highlight of the government work report. The report proposes to vigorously promote the construction of a modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new productive forces. Whether they are producing heavy equipment or mechanical parts, whether they are traditional manufacturing or emerging technology industries, from north to south, more and more companies are embarking on the practical path of developing New Quality Productive Forces.

Data shows that as of the end of December 2023, my country has cultivated 421 national-level demonstration factories and more than 10,000 provincial-level digital workshops and smart factories. More and more enterprises are transforming and upgrading, and various subdivisions and technological highlights are blooming, such as the crucian carp crossing the river. How do we judge which ones are "New Quality Productive Forces" ?

New Quality Productive Forces

Visible Intelligence

Invisible Innovation

canlon waterproofing

Usually, when we talk about advancement and intelligence, we are referring to “visible things”. A few years ago, we pursued spacious and bright factories, high-speed rotating machines, rows of robots and hundreds of servers... Now, people are still pursuing innovations visible to the naked eye such as remote control and automated production. However, these external appearances are not the inner essence of "New Quality Productive Forces", because for any innovative enterprise, there will always be some innovations hidden in "invisible places."

In the Canlon CPCM Industrial Park, while many high-end and large-scale imported production lines have been put into operation, there is also the agility of "creating a new approach" and the ingenuity of "using small to make big". For example, a small one can be accommodated in the living room. It is really easy to "turn a blind eye" to the pilot production line if you do not make an appointment in advance to visit Canlon's Advanced Technology Research Institute and have a dedicated person explain it.

canlon waterproofing pilot production line

As the first imported one-step five-layer co-extrusion coil extruder in China, it is "small but complete". It can not only perfectly execute every process from feeding to finished product extrusion, completely simulating the effect in actual production, but also changes the traditional technical solution that a single extrusion layer can only rely on blending of different resins. It uses small materials to simulate the actual processing conditions of the large line, greatly saving experimental materials and startup costs, quickly and timely obtaining relevant experimental samples, testing the film-forming properties of different materials, accelerating the optimization and improvement of product formulas and processes, making product formulas more mature and reliable, and effectively promoting the future product development of CANLON.

The so-called pilot test is the abbreviation of intermediate test. It is a necessary link for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. The success or failure of the industrialization of achievements mainly depends on the success or failure of the pilot test. According to statistics, the success rate of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements after pilot tests can reach 80%; while without pilot tests, the success rate of industrialization is only 30%. Corresponding to this is the invisible investment: if an ordinary production line only needs factory buildings and supporting infrastructure, then a pilot line requires a large number of scientific research and technical talents, or cooperation with universities and research institutes... These are the invisible investments that enterprises have to make.

Therefore, Canlon’s “new quality productive force” is not only new in the “production equipment”, but also new in the “R&D ideas” behind it, new in the initial investment that is sufficient to support its R&D ideas, and new in the determination to continuously optimize and iterate product solutions.

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