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  • New Quality Productive Forces: Visible Intelligence, Invisible Innovation
    Usually, when we talk about advancement and intelligence, we are referring to “visible things”. A few years ago, we pursued spacious and bright factories, high-speed rotating machines, rows of robots and hundreds of servers... Now, people are still pursuing innovations visible to the naked eye such as remote control and automated production. However, these external appearances are not the inner essence of "New Quality Productive Forces", because for any innovative enterprise, there will always be some innovations hidden in "invisible places."
  • People-oriented Canlon | Canlon Team's Outdoor Activity To Huangshan
    People-oriented Canlon | Canlon Team’s Outdoor Activity To Huangshan On March 31, 2024, the Correspondent Team of Canlon Co., Ltd. ushered in another gathering event . The team met on the weekend to go to the Huangshan Scenic Area and Cultural Heritage Site "Lucun" to enjoy the beautiful scenery of
  • Canlon Successfully Held The 2023 Annual Summary Commendation And 2024 New Year Mobilization Meeting
    Canlon Successfully Held The 2023 Annual Summary Commendation And 2024 New Year Mobilization Meeting
  • Culture Canlon | Before The Cold Winter Falls, Go Camping In This Golden Autumn
    On November 11, CANLON organized an outdoor camping activity for employees to meet in the beautiful Suzhou Bay Sports Park, camped by the quiet and beautiful Taihu Lake in the golden autumn season before the first wind of winter. Canlon’s new and old employees and their families gathered here, talking about work and life, spending time together.
  • Technology Canlon | A New Choice For Green Roof - MPU -ZZ Polyurethane Waterproof Coating (Root Resistant)
    Canlon MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating (root resistance ) is a high-strength special polyurethane waterproof coating, which is made by addition polymerization reaction with chemical root inhibitor, various additives and fillers. When the product is used, it is applied to the waterproof substrate to form a tough, soft and seamless rubber waterproof membrane, also known as "liquid rubber", which has excellent root puncture resistance.
  • Focus Canlon | Canlon Appeared In The 20th China Housing Expo
    From June 19th to 21st, the 20th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as China Housing Expo) opened in Beijing. CANLON participated in the exhibition with a variety of innovative product systems, allowing the audience to understand Canlon’s technical achievements in "empowering green buildings and escorting a low-carbon future".
  • Focus Canlon| Encourage Enterprises To Explore Overseas Market, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce Visited Canlon
    On the afternoon of June 1, Sun Jianjiang, director of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and his party visited CANLON for an exchange and discussion, and learned about the development of Canlon's international business and the registration status of the Canton Fair. Xu Yonghong, Director of the Wujiang District Commerce Bureau, Wu Minjuan, Deputy Director, Cai Jianzhong, Secretary of the Qidu Town Party Committee, and Shen Xiaodong, Deputy Mayor participated in the investigation. Qian Lindi, chairman of Canlon, Chen Hongjin, Wang Pingping, vice presidents and relevant department directors warmly received the visiting leaders.
  • Enterprising Canlon | Canlon Was Shortlisted For The 2023-2025 Second-Level Centralized Procurement Catalog Of China Road And Bridge
    On May 15, Canlon received the notice of shortlisted bid from China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. The shortlisted period is valid from May 15, 2023 to May 14, 2025. China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), formerly known as the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Communications, began to go abroad in 1958 to undertake the construction of foreign aid projects of the Chinese government. In 1979, the company was formally established and entered the international engineering contracting market.
  • Focus Canlon | Canlon Won The Honorary Title of “Best Photovoltaic Roof System Service Provider”
    On November 17, the 14th China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference and Exhibition opened simultaneously online and offline. With the theme of "Focusing on Dual Carbon Goals and Leading Green Development", the conference focused on displaying new products, technologies and applications such as solar photovoltaics, energy storage, hydrogen energy, new energy vehicles, and charging piles.
  • Excellent Canlon | Building Sponge City And Developing Utility Tunnel——The Utility Tunnel Projects Built By Canlon In Those Years(Part One)
    Building a sponge city, focusing on integrated pipe corridorsSolve the "road zipper" and say goodbye to the "air spider web"Guarantee electricity for people's livelihood and improve pipeline safetySolve urban waterlogging and utilize rainwater resources...There are many benefits of urban underground
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