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New Quality Productive Forces

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  • New Quality Productive Forces : Visible Location, Invisible Ecology
    The so-called New Quality Productive Forces refers to the ability to condense and allocate new production factors. Canlon is able to go all out to make polymer materials not only because of its solid internal skills, but also because of the geographical advantages of the Yangtze River Delta.
  • New Quality Productive Forces : Visible Data, Invisible Test
    Usually when we want to show the performance indicators of a material, we only need to present "visible data" to prove it. For example, the TPO/PVC membrane produced by CANLON has an artificial climate accelerated aging time of 15,000/12,000 hours respectively, far exceeding the national standard.
  • New Quality Productive Forces : Visible Intelligence, Invisible Innovation
    Usually, when we talk about advancement and intelligence, we are referring to “visible things”. A few years ago, we pursued spacious and bright factories, high-speed rotating machines, rows of robots and hundreds of servers... Now, people are still pursuing innovations visible to the naked eye such as remote control and automated production. However, these external appearances are not the inner essence of "New Quality Productive Forces", because for any innovative enterprise, there will always be some innovations hidden in "invisible places."
  • New Canlon | TMP Integrated Panels Achieve "New Quality Productive Forces" In The Field Of Low-Carbon Roofing
    During the two sessions, "New Quality Productive Forces" became a hot word and attracted the attention of all walks of life."New Quality Productive Forces" is characterized by innovation, the key is high quality, and its essence is advanced productivity. It is an advanced productivity quality with the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and is in line with the new development concept.As the main source of developing new productive forces, strategic emerging industries and future industries also urgently need new forces, new business formats, and new species to empower industrial development. In this context, the innovative TMP integrated panel roof system solution launched by CANLON takes the innovative breakthrough of "new materials" as the fulcrum and provides a representative annotation for injecting new productivity into emerging industries and future industries.

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