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New Canlon | TMP Integrated Panels Achieve "New Quality Productive Forces" In The Field Of Low-Carbon Roofing

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TMP Integrated Panels

Achieve "New Quality Productive Forces" in the field of low-carbon roofing

New Quality Productive Forces

During the two sessions, "New Quality Productive Forces" became a hot word and attracted the attention of all walks of life."New Quality Productive Forces" is characterized by innovation, the key is high quality, and its essence is advanced productivity. It is an advanced productivity quality with the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and is in line with the new development concept.As the main source of developing new productive forces, strategic emerging industries and future industries also urgently need new forces, new business formats, and new species to empower industrial development. In this context, the innovative TMP integrated panel roof system solution launched by CANLON takes the innovative breakthrough of "new materials" as the fulcrum and provides a representative annotation for injecting new productivity into emerging industries and future industries.

high tech

Canlon breaks the tradition with polymer materials

Canlon Waterproofing

As China's most competitive and influential strategic emerging industry in the world, in 2023, my country's newly installed renewable energy capacity will be 305 million KW, accounting for half of the world's newly installed capacity, more than the rest of the world combined; among them, the new photovoltaic installed capacity in the photovoltaic industry is about 216GW, a year-on-year increase of 147%, which is equivalent to the total newly installed capacity from 2019 to 2022. The output value of the photovoltaic manufacturing end exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the global market share.

However, behind the glamorous data, 80% of domestic industrial and commercial roofs still use traditional color steel plate roofs. Leakage may occur to varying degrees in 3-5 years, and even need to be replaced and renovated in 8-10 years. It is the core pain point that affects the normal production and operation of industrial plants. Not only is it unable to protect the 25-year life cycle of photovoltaic modules, it also causes about 6.4 million tons of steel to be used for roof maintenance nationwide each year, generating 13 million tons of carbon emissions. It can be called "Roof Renovation Steel Plate" , Photovoltaic Carbon Reduction Is In Vain.”

 traditional color steel plate roofs.

To speed up the formation of new productive forces, the focus is on action. As the first company in the transformation and upgrading of the building waterproofing industry, and also a leading industrial and commercial roofing company positioning itself as a system service provider for the distributed photovoltaic industry chain, CANLON has a strategic position and is in line with the national strategy, leading and witnessing the integration of photovoltaic roofing and waterproofing systems. fusion process.

Based on the innovative research and development advantages of polymer materials, CANLON has customized a new weldable physical anti-corrosion steel roof system solution to address the pain points of traditional chemical anti-corrosion steel roofs that are easy to rust and leak. The product combines the exposed TPO waterproofing membrane with the coated steel panel through special processing technology to achieve integrated anti-corrosion and waterproofing, effectively extending the life of the steel roof, matching the full life cycle of the photovoltaic power station, and truly realizing "anti-rust, anti-seepage and no renovation" 25 years of full protection” and named it TMP integrated panel.

Canlon TMP Integrated Panel

In order to meet the "high-tech" needs of the material itself. The TPO waterproof membrane manufactured by CANLON is customized by three Italian equipment manufacturers based on decades of experience and combined with Canlon technology and product requirements. It realizes full process automation from product feeding, online compounding to subcontracting and palletizing. CANLON is also the first in China to realize the production of TPO waterproof membranes with glass fiber internal reinforcement (Type G) and glass fiber internal reinforcement with fiber fleece backing (Type GL). It is the highly technological crystallization of global resin polymer waterproofing membrane production equipment and processes.

Canlon TPO Roofing Factory

Because of the multiple leading advantages in manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology, TMP integrated panels have successfully become the first product in the industry to integrate polymer waterproof materials and steel roofs across borders, and have been awarded an invention patent certificate by the State Intellectual Property Office. It marks that CANLON has corresponding originality and competitiveness in the photovoltaic roof system market segment, and has achieved combined advantages from technology research and development to product construction and application.

Canlon TMP Integrated Panel

high efficiency

TMP integrated panels empower low-carbon roofing

When the time enters April 1, 2023, the full implementation of the industry-wide mandatory "General Specifications for Waterproofing of Buildings and Municipal Engineering Projects" will bring roofing projects into a new era. The waterproofing practices of metal roofing projects should comply with the new regulations. The advent of TMP integrated panels not only meets the requirements of new regulations, but also solves various structural hidden dangers of traditional metal enclosure roof systems, optimizes and reduces costs for the entire industry, and significantly improves the industrial efficiency of photovoltaic roofs.

For example, compared with the 360° jointed metal roof + lower TPO in the traditional envelope roof system, the overall cost of the integrated panel roof system is lower; compared with the traditional envelope roof system specifications, the roof slope should not be less than 5 %, the integrated panel system is a fully-bonded single-ply waterproof membrane roofing system. The slope can be 2%, and the overall cost is reduced again. At the same time, taking a 10,000-square-meter roof as an example, when the roof slope is reduced from 5% to 2 %, the indoor volume can be reduced by 5.6%. If a light-colored surface layer is used, the roof temperature can also be reduced, achieving energy saving and efficiency improvement while reducing building consumption; in terms of the most critical maintenance cost, referring to the normal use of the roof for 25 years, the traditional metal-enclosed roof system is repaired every five years. Taking a 10,000-square-meter roof as an example, the single repair cost is 20,000 yuan. Using integrated panels has saved a total of about 100,000 yuan. Coupled with a series of optimizations in structure cost, construction cost, steel material cost, and construction period, the integrated panel system enables a low-carbon roofing project while bringing about an energy saving and cost reduction of RMB 500,000 to RMB 700,000.

The formation and development of "new quality productivity" will comprehensively improve the quality of industrial development and accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system. Taking Canlon TMP integrated panel as a case, it is mainly reflected in three aspects:

One is to improve production efficiency. Many of the disruptive technologies are general-purpose technologies that have a strong enabling effect. On the one hand, they will significantly improve the functions of labor materials. On the other hand, they will also optimize the combination of labor materials and labor objects, thereby improving production efficiency. Taking TMP integrated panels as an example, it not only saves the overall cost of the roofing system and reduces the overall energy consumption of the building, but also significantly improves the utilization efficiency, process accuracy, and service life in the field of roofing engineering.

Canlon TMP Integrated Panel

The second is to increase added value. On the one hand, new products and new industries formed by new quality productivity have high technical thresholds, few companies have mastered new technologies, market competition is not fierce, and they have greater say in the industrial chain, so they can achieve higher added value rate; the creation of TMP integrated panels caters to the potential needs that were previously unmet by industrial enterprises, industrial clusters, industrial parks, etc., opens up new markets, brings new industrial growth space, and further strengthens the company's differentiated product strategy.

Canlon TMP Integrated Panel

The third is to reduce environmental impact. The current development of industrialization has put great pressure on the natural ecology, and with the improvement of living standards, the people's demand for a better environment continues to grow. New productivity should play the role of scientific and technological innovation in promoting economic growth, and should be able to recycle by-products generated in production activities and reduce the damage to the ecological environment caused by product production and use. The birth and application of TMP integrated panels bid farewell to the repeated use of traditional color steel tiles. The waste of steel caused by renovation has formed a good linkage with the photovoltaic industry, achieving harmonious progress between economic growth and ecological environment improvement.

Patent for Canlon TMP Integrated Panel

At present, the integrated photovoltaic roof system represented by Canlon’s TMP integrated panel roof system solution has gradually established a banner for high-end industrial and commercial roofing. Behind the wide recognition of TMP integrated panels in the market, we have once again seen that new productivity has been formed in practice and has demonstrated a strong driving force and support for the development of the new energy industry. As an enterprise, we must strengthen scientific and technological innovation, especially It is original and disruptive scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance, and fighting the battle of key core technologies to make it possible to cultivate new quality productivity.

As China's new infrastructure and urban renewal product system service provider, distributed photovoltaic industry chain system service provider and leading enterprise in industrial and commercial roofing, Canlon Group shoulders an unshirkable mission and responsibility. We will continue to strengthen technological R&D and innovation, fight for key core technologies, cultivate and develop new quality productivity, further strengthen the core competitive advantages of China's emerging industries and future industries, and use the attitude of "New Quality Canlon" to help China's advantageous industries go green transformation.

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