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New Quality Productive Forces : Visible Data, Invisible Test

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canlon waterproofing

Usually when we want to show the performance indicators of a material, we only need to present "visible data" to prove it. For example, the TPO/PVC membrane produced by CANLON has an artificial climate accelerated aging time of 15,000/12,000 hours respectively, far exceeding the national standard, which greatly improves the single-ply roofing system in terms of aging resistance, waterproofing, thermal insulation, and wind uplift resistance and other aspects of performance.

However, data is just data after all. Just as high scores are always made up of countless invisible accumulations of sweat, each roll of Canlon' materials has also withstood countless "invisible tests" in special laboratories such as aging laboratories, chemical analysis laboratories, and thermal analysis laboratories before finally reaching the market: including tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted high-intensity ultraviolet accelerated aging testing, thousands of hours of salt spray testing, as well as tensile, puncture, flame retardant testing.

Canlon Waterproofing Wind Uplift Resistence Testing Facility

In order to truly lead the development of "New Quality Productive Forces" in the field of polymer materials, Canlon has established the first wind uplift resistant laboratory among domestic enterprises. Here, the roof system is subjected to huge wind pressure tests day and night until it is completely confirmed that it can "withstand" the invasion of typhoon 17. The device itself has an advanced design and a reasonable spatial layout of the laboratory, which can greatly improve the long-term mechanical reliability of domestic and foreign roofing systems.

Visible data, invisible tests - only products that have withstood repeated trials and finally successfully entered the market can be qualified to be called "Good Product" in the market.

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