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CL-PVC/CL-TPO roofing membrane

These are related to the CL-PVC/CL-TPO roofing membrane news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in CL-PVC/CL-TPO roofing membrane and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand CL-PVC/CL-TPO roofing membrane market.
  • CANLON - CSPV solar PV roofing system applied on CANLON’s own factory "speaks for itself"!
    Of course, you have to use your own products to be worthy of every customer who trusts you! CANLON polymer building materials industrial park, fully mounting CSPV solar PV roofing system, shows the most honest quality of integration.
  • International CANLON | Sailing out to the world - CANLON becomes a "Little Giant" cooperative enterprise with China Credit Insurance
    Recently, CANLON has received the title of "Small Giant" cooperative enterprise from China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation Limited.
  • Glory CANLON | CANLON won the 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award (Nomination Award)
    we will continue to strengthen our learning and exchange with the top international manufacturers of functional building materials and we need your support to make CANLON a further success.
  • Aggressive CANLON| CANLON's CSPV system lands on Beyondsun PV roofs
    Recently, CANLON and Beyondsun PV formally signed a contract to provide whole lifecycle services for Beyondsun PV's 3GW monocrystalline cell factory roof based on polymer TPO CSPV system, which is the first project of cooperation between CANLON and Beyondsun in the field of PV new energy
  • International CANLON | CL-PVC/CL-TPO membranes are US FM approved
    International CANLON | CL-PVC/CL-TPO membranes are US FM approved Recently, CANLON's CL-PVC/CL-TPO roofing membrane has passed the FM Approvals (FM Approvals) in the United States, which is another international authoritative certification apart from the CE certification in the EU and the BBA certi

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