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Glory CANLON | CANLON won the 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award (Nomination Award)

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The Jiangsu Governor's Quality Award is the highest award in the field of quality established by the provincial government and is awarded to enterprises and institutions that have implemented excellent performance management and achieved significant economic and social benefits, as well as to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangsu through their quality work. The awards include the "Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award" and the "Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award Nomination Award", each of which has no more than 10 awards.

In recent years, CANLON shares focus on polymer waterproofing materials in this niche area, intensively cultivated and step by step. CANLON has won the "Suzhou Quality Management Excellence Award", "Suzhou Mayor Quality Award", singing the quality management of Suzhou "good voice". Speaking of which, we have to mention our popular products, for example, TPO waterproof membrane, hdpe waterproof membrane, pvc roof membrane, Polyurethane waterproof paint. All these products are subject to strict quality control.

We should make still further progress. The award of "Jiangsu Governor's Quality Award Nomination" fully reflects the company's determination to adhere to scientific management, systematically implement excellent enterprise management and build a solid foundation for high-quality development. In addition to continuously exploring and innovating advanced quality management experience, the company has also given full play to its role as a model and leader in the industry.


In the future, we will continue to strengthen our learning and exchange with the top international manufacturers of functional building materials and we need your support to make CANLON a further success. With the above information, we hope you can get to know our company better. Under the current new economic development pattern, CANLON has made remarkable achievements in environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction and emission reduction by adhering to "high quality" and "green production". Welcome to reach out if you have interest in our company or products!

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