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International CANLON | Sailing out to the world - CANLON becomes a "Little Giant" cooperative enterprise with China Credit Insurance

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Recently, CANLON has received the title of "Small Giant" cooperative enterprise from China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation Limited.

From "small and micro" to "small giant", CANLON has been actively expanding its overseas market, and has successfully achieved the goal of "flowering inside the wall and fragrance outside".

China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (CECIC) is a national financial enterprise specializing in policy-based export credit insurance business, and is one of the four policy-based financial institutions in China. It has effectively served the national strategy, accurately supported the development of enterprises, ensured financial sustainability, actively expanded export credit insurance coverage, and played an irreplaceable role in serving the construction of the Belt and Road, fully promoting the development of foreign trade, and fostering new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition.

International CANLON

Since its establishment, CANLON has been actively expanding its overseas market and has made rapid development with the policy insurance support provided by CITIC Insurance: the company was a small and micro enterprise (export value 0-3 million USD) from 2014-2016 and became an SME (export value 3-10 million USD) from 2017-2020, and its overseas sales from January to August 2021 were 90% higher than in 2020 From January to August 2021, the company achieved a 90% increase in overseas sales compared to 2020, and was successfully upgraded to a CITIC Insurance "Small Giant" cooperative enterprise. Once again, the international competitiveness of CANLON's "speed" has been strongly demonstrated.

With the help of CITIC Insurance, we will continue to optimize our industrial layout and set new industry benchmarks with our comprehensive product and technology innovation. Our main products include TPO waterproof membrane, Pvc roofing waterproof membrane, HDPE waterproof membrane, polyurethane waterproof coating.

With the above information, we hope you can get to know our company better. In the current new economic development pattern, CANLON has made remarkable achievements in environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction and emission reduction by adhering to "high quality" and "green production". If you wish to know more information about CANLON, welcome to follow our company.

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