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CANLON - CSPV solar PV roofing system applied on CANLON’s own factory "speaks for itself"!

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If you sell your own products, you must use them well to be worthy of every customer who trusts you!Canlon Polymer Construction Materials Production Base, fully installed CSPV photovoltaic roof system, showing the most honest integrity quality!

The benefits of installing solar power stations for our own companies are numerous: let enterprises no longer bear high peak and average electricity prices, and save electricity costs; effectively reduce the carbon emissions of emission-controlled companies and join the carbon trading system to gain more revenue through the sale of clean electricity;  effectively reduce the direct sunlight and rain erosion on the roof and increase the service life of the roof;  significantly absorb solar radiation to create a more comfortable working environment in the hot summer months.

Join our pace, add solar PV power station as soon as possible, and strive to be a practitioner of ecological civilization construction, CANLON is at your service!

The success of CANLON cannot be achieved without your support and encouragement. Our main products include PVC waterproofing membrane, TPO roofing membrane and hdpe waterproof membrane,etc. If you need to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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