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Industry News | Promoting the Quality Improvement of Building Waterproof Industry, These two local policies are worth noting!

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Introduction: Promoting the improvement of the quality of the building waterproofing industry requires top-down policy guidance and joint efforts from all over the country. Recently, the implementation of two local announcements has brought us a small step closer to the high-quality development of building waterproofing——

On July 15, 2022, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a public announcement on the "Announcements of First Batch on the Promotion and Application of New Technologies and the Restriction and Prohibition of the Use of Outdated Technologies in the Field of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction in Sichuan Province " (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement).

The announcement shows that slurry-based thermal insulation materials, B2-level thermal insulation materials, petroleum asphalt paper tire linoleum, and asphalt-based waterproofing membrane hot-melt process (open flame construction) are included in the restricted use; S-type PVC waterproofing membrane, tar-type polyurethane waterproof coatings, water-based PVC tar waterproof coatings, colorful interior wall coatings (O/W coatings with nitrocellulose as the main resin and xylene as the solvent), polyvinyl acetate emulsions (including EVA emulsion), The use of polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetal, vinyl chloride-vinylidene chloride copolymer emulsion for interior and exterior wall coatings, and cement mortar paste technology for veneer bricks are prohibited.

The restriction on the hot-melt process and open flame construction of asphalt waterproofing membranes is a full consideration for the safety of underground space construction, a necessary means for energy-saving construction and environmental protection, and a great opportunity to upgrade new materials and process equipment. Polymer waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, high-density polyethylene self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane will be expected to win more markets.

In addition, Suzhou of Anhui Province also recently issued the implementation rules for implementing the "Notice on Effectively Strengthening the Management of Bidding Activities for Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects in the Province", pointing out that in 2022, the city's housing construction, municipal infrastructure and other projects ( The bid price is lower than 90% and 85% of the bidding control price, which is regarded as an abnormally low price.

It can be seen that the widely criticized issue of "winning the bid at the lowest price" in the industry will gradually withdraw from the stage!

At present, the work of high-quality development requires that efforts be made to promote high-quality and high-price procurement. The quotation below the cost may not only affect the performance of the contract, but also be full of quality crises such as shoddy products. Over time, it will bring about the potential harm of bad money driving out good money. .

Quality is the basis of price, and price is the guarantee of quality. CANLON adheres to customer-centricity, and will always adhere to the responsibility concept of "not producing non-standard products per square meter", strictly implement national standards, and never give in to cost pressures, cut corners, and use shoddy products. CANLON is always based on the healthy competition of the industry, wins the trust of the society, and lets the ingenuity of integrating waterproofing run through our words and deeds!

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