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What are the advantages of PVC waterproofing membrane?

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As we all know PVC waterproofing membrane is based on polyvinyl chloride resin, adding a certain amount of plasticizer, anti-aging agent, stabilizer, and other processing aids once. 


PVC Roofing Membrane

This article includes 6 parts:

1、Product introduction


3、Product specifications

4、Transportation and storage

5、Mechanical fixation method

6、Full viscosity method



1、Product introduction


PVC waterproofing membrane is based on polyvinyl chloride resin, adding a certain amount of plasticizer, anti-aging agent, stabilizer, UV absorber, lubricant, filler and other processing aids once. Extrusion molded polymer waterproofing membrane. The thermoplasticity of PVC gives the coil a hot air weld, and the complete matching material makes the system particularly suitable for single-layer roofing.

2、 Advantage

Excellent physical properties High tensile strength, good elongation, small change in thermal size, and resistance to aging.

Low temperature flexibility, adapt to environmental temperature variability.

The root-resistant system has good permeability and can be used for planting roofing.

Convenient construction, wide width and wide overlap, weldable, firm and reliable, and non-polluting.

It has good plasticity and is easy to handle at the corners.

It has the performance of self-extinguishing from fire and has good fireproof performance.

The light-colored surface reflects ultraviolet radiation, and the surface of the coil absorbs less heat and has a low temperature.

3、Product specifications

According to the composition of the product, it is divided into smooth coil (H), fiber-backed coil (L), and fabric-reinforced coil (P).














4、Transportation and storage

1) The coil should be placed in a place that is ventilated and protected from the sun and rain. Storage temperature should not be higher than 45 °C.

2) Different types and specifications of products should be classified and stored, parallel coded, and the height should not exceed 5 layers.

3) It is forbidden to contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents.

4) Under normal storage conditions, the shelf life is at least one year.

5、Mechanical fixation method

1) Lower construction: The lower steam barrier and insulation layer have been constructed and passed the acceptance test.

2) Waterproof emptying: Spread the coils and lay them in the direction of the parallel flow from the low to the high.

3) Mechanical fixing: The mechanical fixed spacing is determined by calculation after the drawing test on the spot, and can be fixed by mechanical fixing of the fixing member or by non-perforated welding.

4) Large-face welding: The large-face lap joint is welded by an automatic crawling welder. When the mechanical fixing method is used, the web lap width is 120 mm, and the lap joint width is 60 mm when the method is not pierced.

5) Node construction: Fixing and sealing the strips such as the coil head and the lighting window with a bead.

6、Full viscosity method

1) Base surface requirement: The full-stick method is suitable for the use of solid, flat, dry and clean base surfaces such as concrete and wood.

2) Coil emptying: It is constructed by coiling with fiber backing type, and is laid along the parallel ridge from the low to the high.

3) Gluing application: Apply glue on the base surface and the back side of the coiled fiber. The glue should be evenly distributed, and should not be partially deposited or leaked.

4) Large-face welding: The coil is air-dried until the surface is not sticky, and then fully bonded. The overlapping parts of the coil are welded by hot air process.

5) Node construction: Fixing and sealing the strips such as the coil head and the lighting window with a bead.

This article briefly describes the superior characteristics of the product from six aspects, including product specifications, transportation and storage methods and fixing methods. Want to know more products can continue to pay attention to our website, we also provide MPU Waterproofing Coating, Likfix Waterproofing Coating.

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