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Technological Philosophy | Why Do Humans Like Miniature Landscapes?

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Many people play with models when they are young, and like to plant bonsai in old age.

Regardless of age, humans are almost wired to like everything scaled down. When countless scientists look up to explore the magnificence of the universe, there are also many people will bow their heads to feel the exquisiteness of tiny thing between inches or small as a mustard seed.

Whether it's exquisite clocks and watches, ecological fish tanks at home, chic miniature bonsai, interesting Lego toys... When we feel these proportionally reduced existences, we will have a spontaneous pleasure.

Miniature landscape, cultivate sentiment

There is a saying "an inch of wood is affectionate, and a piece of rock is sentimental". Concentrating, summarizing, condensing, and visually expressing the beauty of nature in an unconventional way is an artistic act, and the more you are in a confined space, the easier it is to move people's hearts with the exquisite skills and aloof gestures displayed. The reason why miniature landscapes are favored is not only that it contains many artistic genes, but also the unique artistic language of "using the small to show the big, and using less to see more".

Hand-made models, develop intelligence

Likewise, many people want to own a tank, a flying machine, or a Gundam. But this is impossible to obtain in reality, and one of the ways to obtain this possessive desire is to have a "zoomed" existence, and the way to obtain "existence" is to assemble models and figures. The basic physical properties and structure of mechanical design will have a shallow understanding, and independent creativity, imagination and hands-on ability will be fully respected and brought into play.

Canlon has a "Garage Kit"

In fact, no matter whether it is a model or garage kit, under certain circumstances, the miniaturized tools can not only cultivate sentiment, but also provide technical support, becoming an innovative weapon in the era of industrial intelligence.

If you have visited Canlon Advanced Technology Research Institute, there is a high probability that you will see such a "Garage Kit" with rich technical content, which is the imported production line of our pilot laboratory.

As a production line, its compactness and pocket size will definitely attract countless professional eyes, because "small as a sparrow, it has all the internal organs." Although this pilot production line is small enough to fit in some large-sized living rooms, it can perfectly execute every process from feeding to finished product extrusion, completely simulating the effect in actual production.

"Pilot Test" is the only way for technology transformation

The so-called pilot test is the abbreviation of intermediate test, which is a necessary link for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. The success or failure of the industrialization of the results mainly depends on the success or failure of the pilot test. According to statistics, the success rate of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements after the pilot test can reach 80%; but without the pilot test, the success rate of industrialization is only 30%. 

In order to realize the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, it is necessary to establish a professional test base for intermediate experiments, through the necessary funds, equipment conditions and technical support, to carry out mature processing and industrialization tests on scientific and technological achievements. This is what the pilot laboratory does.

The first pilot test line in the industry, only for better quality

The imported multi-layer resin co-extrusion test production line introduced by Canlon is the first in China waterproofing industry. This pocket-sized pilot line is equipped with a multi-layer co-extrusion die, which has changed the technical scheme of traditional single extrusion layer that can only rely on different resins for blending, and can flexibly design formulas. It not only greatly saves the start-up cost, but also makes the product formula more mature and reliable, effectively promoting Canlons future product development.

The pilot line has now become a classic "miniature landscape" of Canlon Advanced Technology Research Institute, and has been praised and recognized by industry experts and leaders. Among the many roaring production lines, its delicacy and specialness show the beauty of technology in intelligent chemical factories, condense Canlon's pursuit of excellence in quality, and also gather the good wishes of waterproof companies for material technology to a higher level.

Such a "cute", how can people not like it?

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