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Technical CANLON | Breathable Drainage System: SDR Sponge City Siphon Drainage Collection Systems

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In order to solve the problem of poor drainage and leakage in underground garage roof slabs after planting vegetation, to solve urban waterlogging, to realise water storage in urban areas, to reduce surface runoff and flood levels during extremely heavy rainstorms, and to avoid the phenomenon of "sea view" in cities, CANLON made use of the technical strength of the company's Advanced Technology Research Institute, Engineering Technology Centre and R&D Centre and createed a sponge city siphon drainage collection system that is suitable for underground garage roof slabs in China.

Breathable Drainage System

The system has the function of optimising the structure level of underground garage roof slab, simple and compact construction process, significantly saving the construction period and comprehensive cost of the project. The integrated drainage & waterproof design reduces the pressure water of the underground garage roof, thus reducing the probability of leakage and forming a "breathing" drainage system, effectively guaranteeing the root respiration of the planted roof vegetation, avoiding the death of vegetation and achieving the effect of "carbon sequestration and emission reduction"; The system can achieve the triple function of waterproofing, drainage and rainwater recycling, which meets the requirements of green building and sponge city construction, and is an important "sponge body" for the city, a breathing "lung" for the city.

The infiltrated water in the planting soil of the planting roof is constantly flowing through the polymer protective drainage (storage) shaped sheet to the polymer siphon drainage tank. The water in the siphon drainage tank is quickly collected under the action of air space and gravity to the water outlet, which accelerates the water flow in the straight section of the siphon through the contraction of the pipe and forms a full flow and then a siphon, the water in the siphon drainage tank is continuously sucked into the observation well and discharged into the rainwater collection system, and the rainwater is recycled when the green plants  need to be watered on a sunny day. The rainwater is then recycled.

Breathable Drainage System

In this way, the system is transformed from a traditional passive drainage system to an active drainage system with zero gradient and organised drainage.

CANLON constantly accelerates the pace of integration and innovation, and continuously upgrades the SDR system. A flow detector is added at the mouth of each vent pipe connected with the atmosphere in the system to detect real-time water flow status, and at the same time the leak detection device is set up, sending real-time alarm is to the building property management center when leakage is found. The leak detection device is interconnected with mobile phones, and all process data is visualized and digitized.

At present, the system has obtained national testing certificates, and has applied for 3 invention patents, 4 utility models and 6 design patents, many of which have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The above is all about CANLON. The success of CANLON cannot be achieved without your support and encouragement. Our main products include liquid polyurethane waterproof coating, roofing underlayment and HDPE waterproof membrane. If you wish to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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