Progressive CANLON | Ten years of youthfulness and a new future, CANLON Polymer Industrial Park Trial Production and Grand Opening Celebration
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Progressive CANLON | Ten years of youthfulness and a new future, CANLON Polymer Industrial Park Trial Production and Grand Opening Celebration

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On July 12, 2021, the sun was blazing, the heat wave was like a tide, and the fertile soil on the south shore of Taihu Lake was surging with a clanging vow. The trial production and opening ceremony of CANLON Polymer Building Material Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "Polymer Industrial Park") was grandly opened in Qidu Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou.


Distinguished guests from government as well as experts from the building waterproofing industry, new photovoltaic energy industry, partners from all over the country, major media reporters and other guests attended this celebration and witnessed the historic moment. 

After its completion, the park will become a global leading industrial base of waterproofing materials with multi-category polymer building materials, providing diversified and customized solutions for single ply roofing systems, underground projects and photovoltaic roofing for all kinds of old and new buildings in the world.

The opening ceremony was officially launched at 9:00 a.m. All guests stood up and sang the national anthem of the People's Republic of China, bursting out the revolutionary passion of building a new era under the blazing sun. A propaganda film of the polymer industrial park was shown on site, comprehensively showing the cutting-edge equipment and technical power invested by CANLON in the polymer field, opening another new chapter in the field of polymer building materials in China.


In the construction process of the industrial park, globalization empowerment is an important factor that cannot be ignored. Milani, the president of Amut Group from Italy, and our several friends from overseas sent their congratulations and blessings to the opening ceremony of the polymer industrial park via remote video, and briefly introduced the main imported equipment of the polymer industrial park for all the guests, praising CANLON's unique waterproofing concept and innovative spirit that is in line with the international leading level.


The opening ceremony ushered in important customers from all over the country to come together, not only to share the joy of starting a new journey, but also to motivate the hard-working CANLON elites. The ceremony was followed by the awarding ceremony of CANLON's outstanding dealers in 2020, who won the "2020 New Product Promotion Award", "2020 New Talent Award", "2020 Excellent Award" and "2020 Contribution Award". The dealers who won the "2020 New Product Promotion Award", "2020 Emerging Award", "2020 Excellence Award", "2020 Contribution Award" and "2020 Excellence Award" received the awards and warm applause on the spot.

After the launching ceremony, the participants visited CANLON Polymer Building Materials Industrial Park together, witnessed the most advanced equipment and technical force invested by CANLON in the polymer field, provided valuable opinions and suggestions, and jointly promoted the prosperity and growth of the polymer building materials field in China. In the future, this industrial park will supply sound quality polymer waterproofing membrane including TPO Roofing Membrane, PVC Roofing Membrane, and HDPE Pre Applied Waterproofing Membrane, with various specifications.


The booming development of CANLON is not only because of the support of strong brand, but also cannot be separated from all the friends who support and care about the development of CANLON, we are grateful for your support. CANLON is a high-tech enterprise, and we are committed to serving every customer. Through the above introduction, I hope you can have a further understanding of CANLON, different products have different application scenarios, if you need to know more information, please pay attention to our company.

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