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Likfix Waterproofing Coating

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This article takes everyone to understand Likfix waterproofing coating.


This article can be divided into 2 parts:

1. Introduction of Likfix waterproofing coating

2.Significant characteristics and advantages of Likfix waterproofing coating


Introduction of Likfix waterproofing coating

LIKFIX waterproofing coating is based on isocyanate and polyether polyol, and is made by addition polymerization with various additives and fillers. It is applied to the waterproof base layer during use. Through the chemical reaction between the -NCO end group in the polyurethane prepolymer and the moisture in the air, a tough, soft and seamless rubber waterproof membrane is formed.



Remarkable characteristics and advantages of Likfix waterproofing coating

1.Can be sprayed

The efficiency of mechanical spraying construction is generally three times that of manual scraping construction. The spraying and atomizing effect of the paint can fill subtle defects in the grassroots layer, avoid the inclusion of bubbles in the coating film, and have a better waterproof effect.

2. Facade, anti-sagging

The anti-sagging waterproof coating on the facade avoids the common quality problem of the coating film "upper and lower thickness" caused by the flowing of the facade.


3.Strong anti-deformation ability

The national code stipulates that the structural crack should not exceed 0.2mm. Through the “zero extension” test, the coating film waterproof layer can be cracked in the “structural crack” up to 20mm, avoiding the instantaneous cracking due to structural cracking. The phenomenon of waterproof layer.


4.Excellent moisture-blocking performance

After the film is formed into a film, the steam-free performance is excellent. When used in bathrooms, toilets and tea rooms, it can avoid yellowing, mildew and other common quality problems in the outer wall of the above parts.


If you want to learn more about Likfix waterproofing coatings, please visit our website

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