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International CANLON | Integrated Waterproofing in Switzerland

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Frauenfeld in Switzerland is the capital of the canton of Thurgau, northeast of Zurich, on the Murg River. It first appeared in the literature in 1246 and has a long history. After modern construction and development, this small city has now gained new vitality, with an elegant environment and glamorous charm that is fascinating.

Frauenfeld is very beautiful, and most of its buildings have a long history. The famous Frauenfeld Castle dates back to 1227. The history museums, natural museums, and archeological museums are great places to learn about the history of Turgao State, and also demonstrate the local people's adherence to architectural quality.


If you walk carefully on Schollenholz Avenue, you will surely see rolls of waterproofing membranes from China on a civil construction site: they are CANLON MBP Pro Pre-applied Waterproofing and TPO Roofing Membrane. Don't be surprised, as the mainstream polymer membrane in the European waterproofing market, CANLON has continued to promote it and contributed hundreds of high-quality finished projects around the world.


With the vision of becoming the world's leading manufacturer of functional building materials and has long been benchmarking the quality standards of international manufacturers. With the slogan "International Quality, Chinese Price", this visit to the exquisite town of Switzerland also perfectly demonstrated the advantages of CANLON products in energy saving, environmental protection, precision, and convenient construction. There is no doubt that the integrated waterproof from China is gradually becoming synonymous with leading waterproof technology.

Well, the above is all the information. Through this article, do you have a deeper understanding of CANLON? CANLON is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and construction services of waterproof materials. More importantly, we also produce PVC Roofing Membrane, Forfens Pre-applied Waterproof Membranes, and MPU Waterproofing Coating. If you want to know more products, please contact us.

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