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Gains of PVC waterproofing membrane installation

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In the European and American countries, most of the color steel plate projects use single-layer coil construction roofing systemwith structure of waterproofing, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, air isolation, drainage and other roofing system above the base layer. This system can reduce the roof structure, saveresources, improve work efficiency, reduce costs, reflectintegrated roofing system with energy-saving, emission reduction, waterproof and thermal insulation.


PVC waterproofing membrane

The main content of this article includes:

1. Solving the problem of exposed roof repair

2. Good applicability of the single-ply roofing system

3. Authoritative certification:


1. Solve the problem of exposed roof repair

Traditional exposed roofing such as color steel plate anticorrosion and rust inhibitor can temporarily solve the leakage problem. However, in the later period, it was exposed to sun and acid rain. The color steel tiles and rivets, special skylights, exhaust holes, drains, roof nodes and other parts were rusted or deformed, which was prone to leakage. Modified bitumen waterproof membrane (shale, aluminum foil) can be sued to achieve microscopic full adhesion and become the "skin" of the main structure. This strong bond effectively avoids the occurrence of "water channeling". Even if the coil has a damaged point, the waterproof layer will not collapse as a whole. However, the modified asphalt waterproof membrane has poor weather resistance and easy aging. If the hot melt construction is easy to damage the insulation layer or may cause fire during construction. PVC waterproofing membrane has passed the 5000h artificial weather accelerated aging test, and the exposed service life is more than 25 years. It is very suitable for roof waterproof system.


2. The single-story roofing system has good applicability:

PVC waterproofing membrane has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good elongation, small thermal dimensional change rate, aging resistance, and excellent physical properties. PVC waterproofing membrane also has goodweld ability, hot air welding is firm and reliable, the integrity of the waterproof layer is good, and the construction is convenient and efficient. The light-colored surface can reflect sunlight, and the surface of the membrane absorbs less heat.


3. Authoritative certification:

PVC waterproofing membrane have passed British BBA certification and EU CE certification. It is highly recognized internationally.



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