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Focus Canlon| Encourage Enterprises To Explore Overseas Market, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce Visited Canlon

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On the afternoon of June 1, Sun Jianjiang, director of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and his party visited CANLON for an exchange and discussion, and learned about the development of Canlon's international business and the registration status of the Canton Fair. Xu Yonghong, Director of the Wujiang District Commerce Bureau, Wu Minjuan, Deputy Director, Cai Jianzhong, Secretary of the Qidu Town Party Committee, and Shen Xiaodong, Deputy Mayor participated in the investigation. Qian Lindi, chairman of Canlon, Chen Hongjin, Wang Pingping, vice presidents and relevant department directors warmly received the visiting leaders.

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Director Sun Jianjiang and his team visited Canlon photovoltaic exhibition hall, integrated photovoltaic roof system, polymer workshop, and advanced technology research institute, and learned more about the company's development history and investment and achievements in R&D and innovation. He fully affirmed the company's active cooperation with strategic partners in the photovoltaic field to seize the "new track" in the low-carbon field.

At the symposium, Mr. Qian Lindi introduced the company's business development history to the visiting leaders, and focused on reporting the company's achievements in international business; Director Sun Jianjiang asked about the overseas certifications obtained by the company's main products. He listened to the problems that Canlon encountered in the international business, and strongly affirmed Canlon's "playstyle" of daring to innovate and take the initiative to seize a place in the overseas mid-to-high-end market, and put forward some guiding opinions on the development of foreign trade.

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At the end of the discussion, Vice President Wang Pingping expressed to the leaders of the Ministry of Commerce the expectation of the company to continue to make efforts in the international business sector. In the future, based on the quality advantage of "international quality and Chinese price", Canlon will go deep into the European and American markets and participate in international competition. It is hoped that the Ministry of Commerce will support Canlon to speak out for independent innovation brands in the polymer field, so that Canlon will have the opportunity to make more contributions to local urban renewal and construction, and achieve more reputations of "Made in Suzhou". Canlon also hopes to get more and bigger display stages in the next Canton Fair, so that more overseas customers can notice Canlon’s strength .

canlon waterproofing

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