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Focus Canlon | Attending Architectural Society of China Academic Forum and Shanghai International Architecture Culture Week

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From September 22 to 23, the "Architectural Society of China Academic (Shanghai) Forum and Shanghai International Architecture Culture Week" was held in Shanghai. CANLON was invited to participate in the exhibition with the integrated photovoltaic roof system, showing the refined urban design and empowering green buildings.

Under the background that "urban renewal" has become a new stage of urban construction, this conference explores how architectural creation can better reflect "cultural, regional and epochal", and adhere to cultural self-confidence, prosper original architecture, strengthen the protection of the city's historical buildings and the cultivation of functional replacement. At the same time, under the vision of the dual carbon goal, think about how to do a good job in the refinement of urban design and the improvement of architectural quality, and how to fully integrate the latest achievements of human scientific and technological development into architectural works on the road of digitization.

The conference provides professional exhibition areas for well-known developers, architectural design institutes, overseas architectural design firms, building materials companies, and technology companies to display excellent project cases, the latest products and scientific and technological achievements.

At this exhibition, CANLON fully exhibited the company's latest solutions in the field of distributed photovoltaic systems and low-carbon roofing, including TMP Integrated Panel system, single-ply roof system, and LUNDING ultra-durable lightweight assembled roofing system for concrete roofs, introduced to the audience in detail the photovoltaic module installation method of the TMP Integrated Panel System, including the specific application of flexible photovoltaic and vertical support, enabled the audience truly understand the excellent performance of Canlon's system of "anti-rust, anti-seepage, no renovation with 25-year full protection".

The Architectural Society of China (Shanghai) Forum and Shanghai International Architectural Culture Week are hosted by Shanghai Architectural Society, Shanghai Science and Technology Association, and Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, with strong support from the Architectural Society of China, Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Management Committee, Shanghai World Cities Day Affairs Coordination Center and other units.

In the future, CANLON will continue to innovate in the field of waterproof & photovoltaic integrated systems and low-carbon roofing, creating more value for the green and healthy development of urban construction in the industry.

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