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Excellent CANLON | MBP Easily Cope with The Stringent Requirements of Underground Waterproofing Projects--Part 1

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Which projects are more inclined to choose MBP?

Difficult construction environments often have higher requirements for suppliers' materials and installation. The more complex geological conditions and harsh construction links are, the more careful the engineering party will be to choose high-quality waterproof materials and comprehensive and detailed waterproofing design. As the saying goes, don’t bite off more than one can chew. MBP is this kind of master who rises up to the challenge and becomes stronger when he encounters it.


Project Name: Tsinghua Park Tunnel

Difficulty factor: ★★★★★

The Tsinghua Park Tunnel is a tunnel with many pipelines and risk sources along its route: it passes through the core area of Beijing's high-rise district, paralleling to Metro Line 13, through Metro Line 10, Line 12 and Line 15; passing 6 main municipal roads and 88 municipal pipelines; There are 3600 meters of complex pebble formations in the shield tunneling interval. With complex geology and large pipeline disturbance, the whole construction is like a precise surgery, and the tunnel is the key control project with the latest entry, the largest disturbance factor, the highest risk level and the most restrictive factors in the entire line of station front projects.



Project Name: Shenzhen Airport Satellite Hall

Difficulty factor: ★★★★

The satellite hall is adjacent to the sea and has special geological conditions. Shenzhen Metro Line 11 runs right below the satellite hall. During the installation of the project, it is still operating normally. The pile foundation project needs to drive 18 cast-in-place piles between the two subway tunnels. The minimum net distance between pile and the subway tunnel is only 35 cm, which can only be "inserted into the seam", and the difficulty of waterproofing construction can be imagined. The satellite hall project is also the non-stop construction project with the longest construction time, the widest scope and the most difficult coordination since Shenzhen Airport opened to navigation.


Project Name: San Jose Mega-mall

Difficulty factor: ★★★

San Jose, California, USA, is located in the Pacific Rim seismic zone, which has a vast water area of 3.4sqmi (8.8km) and an average of one or two earthquakes a year, posing a serious threat to the structural layers of the building, and naturally the requirements for underground waterproofing are more demanding.


CANLON is always pursuing international development and continuous innovation.Our main products include PVC/TPO waterproof membranePolyurethane waterproof coating and HDPE Pre-applied waterproof membrane etc. Welcome to reach out and we will provide you with the best quality products and service.

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