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Excellent CANLON | Integrated waterproofing to build the third phase expansion of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

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Guizhou is an inland open economy pilot zone, a typical inland mountainous province, not along the border, not along the coast and there are heavy mountain obstacles, the construction of a three-dimensional transportation system, especially the development of civil aviation, to expand openness and accelerate the economic development of Guizhou has a very important strategic significance.

Today, we will proudly introduce the excellent case of CANLON's contribution to the third phase expansion project of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport - the metal roof waterproofing project of the T3 terminal building.

ski field

The Guiyang Longdongbao Airport Phase III Expansion Project is a key construction project in Guizhou's 13th Five-Year Plan, with the historical mission of "building an important hub in the west and helping Guizhou leapfrog its development". The new Terminal 3 is designed and constructed in accordance with Guiyang Airport's target annual passenger volume of 30 million in 2025, and is constructed by the China Construction Group's China Construction Third Bureau, with a total construction area of 196,000 square meters and a total roofing area of 112,000 square meters, of which the roofing waterproofing area is approximately 100,000 square meters, applying Canlon’s single-ply roofing waterproofing system with TPO waterproofing membrane as the core material.

During the construction process, the engineering party overcame difficulties of the COVID-19 epidemic, construction and operation intertwined, construction and high-speed rail cross, high fill and special karst geological conditions and other factors.In the case of ensuring safety and quality, the new speed of Guiyang Airport construction of "single month output value of nearly 100 million yuan, 3 days a structural board" has been created, and the project construction has been successfully completed, and CANLON’s TPO Single-ply Roofing System has fulfilled its mission, showing the all-round advantages of machine welding, convenient construction, wide environmental adaptability, etc .Its pure white color echoes the pure wood in the interior, presenting a concise and smooth combination of lines, metaphorically depicting the "terraced impression" of Guizhou's water and soil blending and changing layers.

ski field

Airports are an important indicator of the degree of economic and social development, civilization, openness and activity of a region. With its fine and honesty, CANLON has injected new vitality into the urban development of Guiyang and contributed to the high-quality development of Guizhou with its airport strength and civil aviation wisdom.

Through the above introduction, do you have a better understanding of CANLON? Looking back at the development of CANLON products, we also have other quality products such as polyurethane waterproof coating , PVC/TPO waterproofing membrane and so on. Welcome to reach out if you are interested .

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