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Enterprising Canlon | Deeply Cultivate The Market And Buck The Trend - Canlon Shares' 2023 Semi-Annual Report Released

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At present, Canlon 2023 semi-annual report of has been announced. In the ups and downs of market competition in the past six months, CANLON has continued to promote channel business, optimized the revenue structure, adhered to the core strategy of polymers, created leading advantages in polymer waterproof materials, and promoted R&D and innovating, improving competitive advantages, expanding the application scenarios of polymer waterproof materials, deeply exploring the market, bucking the trend, and achieving a substantial year-on-year growth in revenue and net profit.

During the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of approximately 1.307 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.89% ; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was approximately 55.2 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 156.54% ; basic earnings per share was 0.15 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 150% . Among them, there are many memorable strategic achievements shared with partners and customers——

Strategic cooperation circle expanded again

Since 2023, we have successfully joined hands with more high-quality partners to jointly promote urban renewal and infrastructure construction to bring about an overall improvement in building quality. We better empower customers and partners through differentiated products and system support.

China Grain Reserve Group

China Road And Bridge Group

China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group

Zhongke Electric Power

China Gezhouba Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Suzhong Construction Group

Harbin Construction and Development Group

Open Group

Radiance Group

Remarkable achievements in R&D and innovation

Since 2023,  the construction of Canlon R&D platform and smart factory have been further improved, and the innovative applications of products and systems have also been highly praised by the industry and market. Canlon continuously promotes the new functional building materials industry to move towards the mid-to-high end.

China Patent Award· Waterproof Industry Patent Silver Award

Jinyu Award·Gold Award

PVBL 2023 Photovoltaic Industry Excellence Service Award

2022 "Innovative Product" Achievement Award

Waterproof Industry Science and Technology Award-Technological Progress Award Third Prize

Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Product

Hebei Province Science and Technology Award-Golden Award for Scientific and Technological Progress

Suzhou’s advanced collective in promoting the development of industrial innovation clusters in the digital economy era.

Wujiang District’s “Intelligent Digital Transformation” and Industrial Internet Empowerment Outstanding Unit

Wujiang District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talents

Brand reputation continues to improve

Since 2023, Canlon's market influence and brand reputation have been comprehensively improved, becoming a place for outstanding talents to realize their value, an advanced member in the work of industry associations, and a good partner for high-quality real estate and state-owned urban investment.

Brand value assessment: 1.101 billion yuan

2022 China Best Employer Nomination Award

Annual Outstanding Partner of China Railway 12th Bureau

Longfor Group's "2023 Group Strategic Supplier"

Annual Advanced Member Enterprise of Single-ply Roofing Technology Branch

Influential brand of engineering waterproofing and influential brand of polymer waterproof membrane

The designated brand for the official event of the 2023 National Flooring Industry Vocational Skills Competition

The first batch of member units of AUPUP International Building Materials Alliance

More than ten years of profound accumulation in the waterproof industry has enabled Canlon to achieve rapid rise; its standout in new product research and development, production technology, sales model, differentiated system service capabilities, etc. have made Canlon an influential and growing waterproofing company. High-quality enterprise in the industry.

Under the guidance of the vision of "becoming an international manufacturer of functional building materials", Canlon will meet the challenges in the second half of the year with a more positive attitude and give back better performance to the market and customers!

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