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Benchmark Canlon | Set "New Standards" And Be The "Leader" - Canlon Is On This Provincial List!

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Be brave enough to be a “leader”

Canlon Standard was successfully selected

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Market Regulation announced a list of 10 “front runners” for corporate standards. Canlon's "MBA-CL - Nuclear Power Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane" standard was successfully selected.

The list of "leaders" in corporate standards is an evaluation work commissioned by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau to strengthen standard leadership and establish industry benchmarks by an evaluation agency in 9 fields including down clothing, high-quality special steel materials, and construction waterproofing membranes. There are a total of 10 companies selected.

Standards determine quality. What kind of standards there are will be what kind of quality. Only high standards can have high quality. CANLON is the first domestic building materials manufacturer to apply waterproof products to nuclear power projects. It has contributed to many high-quality projects such as Shandong Rongcheng Nuclear Power Plant, Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant, Fujian Xiapu Nuclear Power Plant, and Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant. Among them, the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant unit project has won the national Quality Engineering Award (Gold Award). The "MBP-P - nuclear power (non-asphalt-based) polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane" launched by the company has been successfully selected into the 2021 "Made in Suzhou" brand certification company product list. This time, the "MBA-CL - Nuclear Power Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane" standard was selected into the list of "Front Runners" in provincial enterprise standards, which will provide professional waterproofing standards for the selection of waterproofing membrane solutions in the field of future nuclear power construction.

CANLON will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and continue to play a leading role in the industry with high-quality product standards.

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