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  • Benchmark Canlon | Polish Brand Value With Green Innovation: Canlon's Production Bases Usher In Innovative Achievements

    Recently, Canlon’s Production Bases in Tangshan city and Huanggang city have ushered in a wave of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and have obtained certifications such as green product certification and new utility patents. Canlon once again polished the corporate brand value with green innovation.

  • Benchmark Canlon | Six Technical Highlights —— Canlon Imported TPO & PVC Production Line

    Canlon PVC/TPO production line tailored by three Italian facility manufacturers based on decades of experience and combined with Canlon technology and product requirements has realized the automation of the entire process from product feeding, online compounding to packing and palletizing. It is the first to realize the production of TPO waterproofing membrane with the type of glass fiber inner reinforcement (Type G) and glass fiber inner reinforcement with fiber fleece backing (Type GL), which can be regarded as the highly technical crystallization of the global resin polymer waterproof membrane production equipment and technology.

  • Striving To Set Sail | Canlon 2022 Annual Summary & Commendation And 2023 New Year Mobilization Conference

    On the afternoon of February 18, 2023, Canlon 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2023 New Year Mobilization Conference with the theme of "Sail with great effort, break the cocoon and become a butterfly" was held in Gloria Grand Hotel .

  • Focus Canlon | Zhu Dongqing, Secretary-general of China Building Waterproof Association Visited Canlon

    On February 12, 2023, Zhu Dongqing, Secretary-General of China Building Waterproof Association, Zhang Yong, Chief Engineer of China Building Waterproof Association, Zhu Zhiyuan, Chief Engineer of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Suzhou Co., Ltd., and Xian Yongbiao, Vice President of China Building Waterproof Association, visited CANLON and conducted technical exchanges on the new industry standard "General Specification for Waterproofing of Buildings and Municipal Engineering", and interpreted the new rules and regulations. Mr. Qian Lindi, Chairman of CANLON, President, Zhang Yong, Executive President, Chen Hongjin, Vice President and other senior leaders warmly received the visiting experts and leaders.

  • Benchmark Canlon | Jilin Provincial Building Waterproof Association and the China Ceramic Society Waterproof Material Committee Visited Canlon

    On February 8, the Jilin Provincial Building Waterproof Association joined hands with the China Ceramic Society Waterproof Material Professional Committee (hereinafter referred to as the special committee) expert members and representatives of friendly member units of the special committee to visit and exchange with Canlon.

  • Glory Canlon | The Place Where Value Is Realized - Canlon Won China Best Employer Award 2022

    Recently, Canlon​ receivedChina Best Employer Nomination Award 2022 jointly awarded by, a domestic elite career development platform, and the Social Survey Research Center of Peking University.

  • Progressive Canlon | Canlon Group Joined Hands With Liansheng New Energy To Establish Shanghai Liansheng Canlon New Energy Co., Ltd.

    In order to expand the application of polymer waterproof materials in the field of roof distributed photovoltaics, further consolidate the company's competitive position in the polymer market, and better implement business development strategies, Canlon Group intends to jointly invest and establish a joint venture company with Zhejiang Liansheng Hezhong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liansheng New Energy").

  • Craftsman Canlon | Serving Logan’s Project in Lingang of Shangai, Canlon Won The Title Of "Excellent Partner"

    Recently, the Logan 10-2 plot of project in Lingang of Shanghai supplied by Canlon with waterproof materials and constructed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Canlon Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the project department of Logan Real Estate, and CANLON was awarded the title of "Excellent Partner".

  • Benchmark Canlon | Digital Intelligent Construction Continues To Upgrade, Tangshan Factory Has Obtained DCMM Certification

    Recently, the China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced the list of the latest batch of companies that have obtained the Data Management Capability Maturity (DCMM) certificate through its official website. Tangshan Canlon New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Canlon’s Factory in Tangshang) has obtained the DCMM (Level 2) certification awarded by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation.

  • Craftsman Canlon | The Old Steel Roof That Has Been Exposed To The Sun And Rain For 12 Years, Canlon's Team Only Took One Month To Make It Look Brand New!

    This is a German-funded enterprise established in Yantai in 2010, and it is a global leader in filter production. After 12 years of exposure to the sun and rain, the steel roof of the factory building has been corroded in many places, unable to perform normal waterproof functions and posing safety hazards. Now, with the professional Canlon team, it only takes one month to renew the old roof and give you a brand new roof with a service life of up to 20 years!

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