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Technology Canlon | A New Choice For Green Roof - MPU -ZZ Polyurethane Waterproof Coating (Root Resistant)

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MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating (root resistant )

Canlon MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating (root resistant)

With the rapid development of my country's economy and society, people's requirements for quality of life have also increased, and green buildings have increasingly become an important factor in measuring the quality of living. Among them, the planted roof is an important means of urban space greening. For a long time, due to the puncture problem of plant roots, it has brought certain tests to the structural layer and waterproof layer. After many root resistant products have been introduced to the market, Canlon has also brought MPU-ZZ root resistant polyurethane waterproof coating through independent innovation and research and development, providing a different solution for the market.

Canlon MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating (root resistant)

Canlon MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating (root resistant) is a high-strength special polyurethane waterproof coating, which is made by addition polymerization reaction with chemical root inhibitor, various additives and fillers. When the product is used, it is applied to the waterproof substrate to form a tough, soft and seamless rubber waterproof membrane, also known as "liquid rubber", which has excellent root puncture resistance.

In order to implement the original intention of green building and healthy living environment, this product does not contain dark toxic and carcinogenic additives such as coal tar and liquid coumarone, which avoids delamination, brittle cracking, and pulverization of the coating film after the harmful additives volatilize and other quality issues. The products have passed EU Reach testing for 168 hazardous substance and are widely exported to European and American countries.

When the modified asphalt waterproof membrane is used for the planting roof, it is easy to slip and fall off due to factors such as poor adhesion and other factors in the upturned parts of the main building and air shaft. The MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproofing coating is more firmly bonded, and the waterproof quality is guaranteed.

Similarly, when the planting roof has a large number of pipes, internal and external corners and other detailed nodes, it is difficult to completely seal the lapped edges and detailed nodes of the membrane waterproof layer. MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproof coating can realize a seamless waterproof conjunctival layer without the hidden danger of water channeling.

The construction methods of MPU-ZZ are diversified, and the scraping method and spraying method can be used for construction. The per capita efficacy of spraying method can be increased by more than 3 times. At the same time, the rapid construction of mechanized spraying and timely concealment can greatly reduce the impact of the external environment on waterproof materials.

According to Article 4.2.1 of GB55030-2022 "General Specifications for Waterproofing of Buildings and Municipal Engineering", it is clearly stipulated: "The waterproofing method of waterproof coating + waterproof coating should adopt double quality control measures of thickness and dosage. At present, the project is limited to reactive polymer waterproof coatings such as polyurethane and polyurea." When the use of anti-sagging polyurethane coatings for side walls is gradually becoming a trend, MPU-ZZ polyurethane waterproof coating (root resistant) is used for the foundation deck, which can well solve the material compatibility problem at the intersection of the side walls and roof of the basement.

I believe that such a product will definitely become your unmissable choice in root puncture-resistant solutions!


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